Monday, October 30, 2017

Our Honeymoon- Clearwater, Osoyoos, Vancouver (again), and Victoria

 After Jasper we headed down south and spent a night in a KOA in Clearwater, BC. We didn't have any plans for Clearwater, expect as a rest to break up the long drive to Osoyoos, BC. It was a very scenic drive, however the smoke came back in and it was HOT.

After Clearwater, we drove down to Osoyoos! Cam has family there so the plan was to visit them while we were out west (even though they did just come to the wedding, it was great to see them). We stayed at Shira Villa, which I booked solely due to the fact the hotel room had a giant hole in the wall between the bathroom and bedroom, but it actually ended up being a very nice hotel. Who knew? While in Osoyoos we went for a hike along the canal trail and we swam in Lake Osoyoos. It is a really neat area- it is a desert, but also full of orchards! Then, of course, we visited Cam's aunt and uncle for dinner and had a wonderful time! The next morning we drove back up to their place for brunch with them and one of Cam's cousins (and his friends) who had just come in for the weekend.

The only downside is we really wanted to visit an observatory while we were there, but the smoke was just too heavy! You could barely see the view from our hill-side room.

the hole! also the bathroom was HUGE

After Osoyoos we drove back to Vancouver for just a night and ended up going out for dinner with my friend Sarah from high school, who moved out west years ago, and her boyfriend. Of course, I got no photos of that, but it was really nice to catch up and reminisce on old times!! Oh, we also returned our rental car, because we were headed off the mainland!

The next morning we took the train and then a bus and then a ferry, and then another bus (omg) to Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island!! We stayed at the Swan's Hotel & Brewpub and I totally recommend it. It was such a cute little suite. While in Victoria we ate some delicious fish and chips (natch), went to the museum, where they had a Terry Fox exhibit, checked out the Parliament Buildings. Then we rented a new car and were off to Tofino!


Terry Fox's leg!

Our hotel room had two of these beautiful juliet balconies

I never did find a way up to that "second floor"

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