Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Wedding Planning!

I've been engaged over a month and have thus far not really written much about wedding planning on here, so get ready for an update!!

Cam and I have decided to get married next summer so we are busy looking at venues. We are both fairly frugal people, and Toronto wedding prices are NOT for the frugal-hearted, so it has been a bit of a challenge but I think we have found a couple of good options and will be able to book something soon! Then I can actually have a date to tell people instead "...oh next summer sometime".

We also have our wedding bands (we each have a family heirloom as our bands), so that is at least one thing off the list while we figure out venue! I also have a lot of other fun little things planned in my head for the wedding to make the day very special, but not break the bank- but I kind of want to keep them a surprise for our families!! I have been having too much fun on Pinterest.

Oh and last weekend I went dress shopping with my girls and my mom and Cam's mom!! I don't want to share a lot of photos because a lot of dresses were in a certain style and I don't want to give it away, but, here are a few no-gos.

My career is modelling is really promising
Dress shopping was so much fun!! I found so many that I liked and one that I really really liked- but I want to check out a few more stores first! We had a great time though- the girls all had little paddles to hold up if they liked or disliked a dress. The consultant was not at all pushy and never pressed to end the appointment or anything (I think we were there for almost 2 hours) And the prices were all so reasonable! I totally would recommend Bliss Bridal to anyone out in Whitby!!

And then on Sunday my mom threw me a small engagement party! It was really a chance for both sides of the family to meet and to get the wedding party together (though a couple of groomsmen couldn't make it). My "team" is my sister-in-law Tammy, my best friends since grade school, Ginny and Steph, and my best friend from Toronto, Jeni!! They are such great ladies and already so helpful with everything. Plus they are all the same height, which will be nice for photos :P

The engagement party was also sooo nice! My mom made a slide show of all these photos of Cam and I from babyhood to now- which was totally adorable and sweet!! We had a great time chatting and eating our way through the afternoon. It really makes me excited to have everyone together for the wedding next summer!!

My cute flower girl on the right
My Stepdad and Mom

showing my future brother-in-law the wedding dresses I tried on

Mother in Law and Mother!

Daddy-o and my Brother

My other little flower girl 
Champagne toast!

My little ring bearer in front!

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