Monday, October 10, 2016


Way way back in the early days of December 2015, my friend messaged me to see if I wanted to try and get tickets to Adele. My work is a bit more lenient about taking time out of my morning to try and get tickets online (ha!) so I said I would try to get us a pair. By some miracle, after over 45 minutes of waiting in the Ticketmaster queue, I actually managed to score us a pair for the nosebleeds section for her last Toronto show!!

Well finally, after over 10 months of waiting, Adele finally came and we got to watch her live! It was honestly such a good show. I wasn't the biggest Adele fan (only knew her couple #1s), but I bought a couple of her CDs last winter and really grew to love her music by the time the show came...however I didn't expect her to be so personable! She is really funny and loves to talk between songs- she really is quite the entertainer!!

I've never really been to a big "real" concert before and I really enjoyed it- especially since there weren't many theatrics, no costume changes or backup dancers- just Adele singing and talking with a few special effects now and again.

A proposal!

Actual water pouring around her during "Set Fire to the Rain"


I hope to see her next time she is in town!!

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