Sunday, August 7, 2016

Veronica and Mohamed's Wedding!!

I just love weddings. I love loving the love that people I love have. ;). I met Veronica in 2010 when she got transferred to my office at the insurance company we worked for and literally within 3 months of meeting we had booked a trip to Cuba together. Sometimes you just click right away with a person, and that is me and my Vee! She is funny and driven and beautiful and I knew she would meet an awesome man one day, and she did! A few years back she took a girls trip to Las Vegas and met eyes with Mo across the dance floor...numbers were exchanged, a long distance friendship and then relationship blossomed from Vancouver (where he lived) to Toronto (where she lived). A lot of flights and falling in love led to him moving here, then proposing on her birthday last year...and now their wedding!!! It is the best love story. And Mo is a great guy too- he is so funny, passionate, and sweet.

Jeni's photo of the newlyweds!
I stole this off FB- isn't she the prettiest bride??

Mo also has a weird love affair with my homemade cupcakes, so Vee asked if I would make the cupcakes for their wedding and I said yes!! They actually had a make-your-own cupcake station for the late night buffet so while I had to make about 125 cupcakes (a mix of vanilla, chocolate, and gluten free) and 10 gallons of buttercream icing, I only had to actually decorate 24 of them for the tiered set up. Still- it was a big job and I'm not sure if I am ready to start my own cupcake company quite yet ;). Oh and I bought the cupcake wrappers from Oooh La La Paperie on Etsy, in case you were wondering. They were so cute! Some had their initials and some the date.

Anyway, the wedding took place on the patio overlooking the marina and was absolutely beautiful and the bride and groom both wrote their own vows that had me tearing up!! Their love is just so sweet and I am so happy they found each other! The food was on point too- I judge a wedding pretty hard on it's food (I'm not really a foodie...I just love to eat and this wedding had non-stop food being served so that's an A+ in my books). The music was pretty good too! Cam and I haven't actually attended a wedding together and since our clubbing days are long gone it was so much fun to dance the night away together!

We so pretty

They also set up a photo booth with props so our friend's Jeni and Brandon got in on that with us too. Jeni and I also met at work, along with our friend Lisa who was also there (but I don't have a picture of- sadface). Our table was like a work reunion!

Vee and Mo both love to travel (Vee and I have gone to Cuba, Los Cabos, Las Vegas, and Mexico city twice together!). So for their guestbook they had a map of the world and you had to sign on a place that meant something to you or where you would love to visit. So cute!!

It was a great night and I wish Vee and Mo all the best!!! <3

What is your favourite part of a wedding? Mine is a tie between the vows and the father daughter dance.

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