Friday, August 12, 2016

Life Lately

I haven't been blogging much lately. On the one hand that is because of summer and being busy and on the other hand I feel less and less inclined to put my whole life on the internet. This must be that "adult" attitude that everyone warned me about. Rude. However I am feeling bloggy today so let's chat about what has been going on lately!

1. I have a new nephew!

Ok, technically he is not my blood relative, but his mom and I have known each other since grade 1 and have been the best of friends since about grade 7! I was the maid of honour in her wedding 5 years ago. She is the bees knees and is now so busy with a 14 month old and a newborn! I don't know how they do it. But so much love in that family right now.

2. I love Pokemon Go

I know, I am so lame. But I am seriously having so much fun with this game. I haven't really gone out purely to hunt down rare pokemon, but I play it from the streetcar on my commute home and I often walk to places more now so I can play as I go. I currently have  77 different types!

3. Snapchat
I dont think I mentioned it anywhere before, but I joined snapchat. I don't post stories that often because it feels a bit like yelling into the void...but I love to watch stories of other people! I also love to play with the filters. Follow me at wafflingblog!

4. Vacation!!!
I am planning a vacation at the end of summer!! Cam and my Daddy-o and I are taking my Dad's RV out East for a week. We are heading to Nova Scotia and I am so excited!! Though I am a little nervous to drive the RV. It is huge. We shall see how that goes. You should probably follow me on Snapchat if you want to see the shenanigans. We are going to drive the Cabot Trail, though in a rental car because we don't think the RV will be much fun on tight cliffside turns and steep hills.

5. Running/ working out
I got a little lazy for a bit after my half marathon, but now I am back to running. My friend Steph is training for her 3rd marathon so I have started joining her for her long runs on the weekends. Not to mention I have continued to join RunTOBeer. Last weekend Steph, her bf Kevin, and I did over 17km in the middle of a scorching hot day. Note to self- that was a terrible terrible idea. But at least there was free beer afterwards.

I have also finally started going back to the gym and lifting weights. For about a year now I have had this irrational fear of the weight room. I think it just got super busy after my building invested in new equipment and I was uncomfortable in there. Anyway. I went back. No catastrophes happened. So now I am going to try and stick with it again!

I am also trying to clean up my diet thanks to 10lbs creeping up on me from half and full marathon training (the runger is real). So I am trying to eat a lot more protein and more veggies. The other day I had candy for dinner, so that is a work in progress ;)

6. Olympics
I looooove watching the olympics. I don't think my TV is used to being on so much. I especially love any sport that is over in under a minute because my heart can't handle that kind of stress.

The Canadian women have been kicking butt so far, winning all of our current medals! You go girls!!

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