Saturday, August 20, 2016

Diner en Blanc 2016!

On Thursday night my friend Jeni and I attended Le Diner en Blanc! If you recall, I went last year with my friend Veronica. The event is held all over the world and the premise is that everyone dresses in head to toe white, brings a table, chairs, dishes, and a picnic (or you can prepurchase food) and you meet in various locations all over the city. Then from your meet up spot you proceed as a group by bus, transit, or foot to a top secret location. Then you set up and eat!

We definitely had some issued with our meetup location this year (the bus was super late, then got lost), but we arrived just in time to join the other 2500 people for dinner! Jeni was in charge of the food and we had baguette with brie and meats, an orzo salad, and delicious macarons. OMG so good. Then we wandered around! There was a giant balloon walls, a swing, a birdcage with a swing (which we hit up later once the line slowed down), free yummy desserts from a sponsor, sparklers, and a DJ and dance floor to top it off! There was also a string band earlier, but we missed it due to being late. Sigh.

Overall, we had a really lovely night! The forecast had called for rain, but it ended up being a very warm summer's night. Our umbrellas were just for fun.

Thank you Jeni for being my lovely date for the night!! Happy Birthday!

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