Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Weekend Recap!

Hello! I am still plugging away at my half marathon training, but it really isn't that exciting so I can't find much to talk about. I did cut my Thursday run short- it was supposed to be a 13K tempo run (which means go fast), but it was SO hot out that after 4km I started feeling really ill so I called it a day and walked the 4km back home. It was a beautiful night for a long walk, at least!

The weekend got off to a better start. I convinced Cam that we should go out to see Finding Dory Friday night. He got a giftcard for the movies from one of his students and I had a bunch of Scene points, so we only had to pay for our popcorn and it was a great date night! We went to a 10:30pm show to avoid a theatre full of kids and the plan worked perfectly. It did pour rain on our walk over, but I showed Cam the wonders of Toronto's underground PATH system! It is about 2.5km from my place to the theatre and you can walk 90% of it underground. Love this city :) Oh, and we both enjoyed the movie. It was very cute.

Then on Saturday I did a speedy 8km in the morning and then it was off to Body Blitz Spa for the bachelorette party of my good friend Veronica!! I have known Vee for 6 years (?). We met at work when we shared a reception desk and she is the bees knees and I am so excited for her wedding in a few weeks!! We had SUCH a lovely time at the spa (I will 100% be back), and then we all walked over to Mill St BeerHall in the Distillery District for dinner, where service was slow, but beers, food, and company were all wonderful! And then after dinner we went to Bier Markt for dancing and shenanigans. It was bachelorette and bachelor party central there so quite a fun, enthusiastic crowd. It was a good time.

Then Sunday I was up early (what ever happened to sleeping on the weekends??) for another RunTOBeer! I had about 18km scheduled for Sunday so I ran 2km over my friends' Steph and Kevin's condo, picked them up, then we ran about 6-7km to the start of the 10K beer run in High Park. Unfortunately Steph and I got there a tad late so we did our own mini-loop around High Park and met up with the group again when the 5K started! Then we ran off to The Greater Good Bar! It was a hot and sunny day, but all the breaks made this a pretty easy run, especially since I only did 16.5km since we were late #shh. And we got free beers from Side Launch at the bar and we shared a gigantico pizza from North of Brooklyn Pizza (which is independently run from inside the bar).

Oh and PS- My friend Steph has come over to the dark side and started a blog!! You can find it here. Go read it now.

Then it was home for a nap and then off to my Mom's for dinner! I had to go to her place to borrow some camping gear and steal back my giant inflatable flamingo because I am off to the wilderness this weekend! And by wilderness I mean Provincial Park with a cooler of beer, some smores, and some good friends. SO EXCITED!! :D #ilovesummer

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  1. Which provincial park are you going to? ENJOY!! xo Sheila


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