Monday, June 27, 2016

Toronto Waterfront 10!

On Saturday I finished my 6th (?) 10K with the amazing Lindsey (and her friend Melissa), Michelle, and Stephanie! It was Lindsey and Melissa's first 10K race too! We decided to all run the new Toronto Waterfront 10K race months ago and it was very exciting running a race with a bunch of friends. Though, it was also brutally hot on Saturday too- who decided to put a 10K in late June??

The race started downtown around 7:45am so we all met up at 7:00am full of excitement! Steph and I were in an earlier corral than the rest of the girls, but I decided to hang back and start the race with Lindsey, Michelle, and Melissa. At 7:45 we were off! Because I was back in a bit of a slower paced corral, I spent the first two km or so like a gazelle on the sidelines, passing everyone. It made me feel like a Super Speedy Gonzales! I don't usually get that feeling with a race so it was cool.

The weather was hot hot hot. I had decided in advance not to try and PR, but at the same time I wanted a challenge so I was aiming for a 5:30 average pace and a 55 minute finish. I was going around 5:20 for the first half, but the sun and heat in the second half got me and I ended up finishing with a 5:30 average pace after all! My overall time was 55:07! Couldn't be happier!

There was a never-ending chute at the end of the race and I kept walking and walking trying to find some shade. I had told the girls I would meet them by the banana stand (there is always a banana stand). I finally found it and thankfully there were shady trees just behind it so I had a nice little rest while I ate my cookies and banana. The girls ended up finding me back there when they had finished and we had all done so well on our race!! Yay to kicking this 10Ks ass!!

We then all wandered over to Hunters Landing for some well deserved brunch, where we sadly remembered too late that alcohol cannot be legally served before 11am. I had a breakfast poutine, which is basically the love child of poutine and eggs benny and it was fantastic!!

All in all, a great race and good practice for racing in heat because my next race is the Beaches Jazz Half Marathon in July!!


  1. Congrats on killing it! Teach me your speedy ways! You are right though, I think I caught the running bug.

  2. New goal = running like a gazelle like Casey ;)


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