Monday, June 13, 2016

Mondays in Motion: RunTOBeer recap!

Welcome to another week where I recap all the exercise shenanigans I get up to. I really should blog about other things, but all this working out makes me lazy ;)

Monday- I can't remember what I did on Monday but I did log over 9000 steps so I must have done something...?

Tuesday- 6.5K run

Wednesday- 10K fast run

Thursday- 12,500 steps! I was meeting some of my blogger friends (Michelle, Shannondoah, and Jeanette) for our Blogger Book Club we started (we read The Book Thief this month). We were meeting at Michelle's later in the evening so I wandered all over getting errands done before heading there.

Friday- I totally forgot to do something active! It was like 11:30pm when I realized. Oh well :)

Saturday- I didn't have any running planned and I really didn't feel like weightlifting so I ended up doing a 30 minute yoga class on youtube (Runner's Yoga- it was pretty easy....basically stretches). I also met with Lindsey and Liz for brunch that day! Mmm lazy Saturdays. Then I went to my Mom's to take advantage of her pool and I ended up pushing my niece around and around the pool on this giant inflatable flamingo I scored at Winner's. It was a good workout!!

I promise I am wearing a bikini top
Sunday- Sunday was my main event for the week because I was doing my first RunTOBeer! It's a big running group that holds runs sponsored by various breweries. You sign up for a run on the FB group and then meet the group at either the 15K, 10K, 5K, or 3K start and it is all staggered so everyone arrives at the designated bar at the same time (and there are various pace groups and ALL levels of running ability). I ran it with my friend Steph (who recently started a blog! Read it here!). I had always wanted to do a run but it never worked with my schedule!! I did the 15K distance with the slow-poke group. As everyone reaches the bar there is a big tunnel of high-fives- it is actually more fun to be last.

This is our whole group once we reached our bar- 3030 Dundas West! (Stolen from the RunTOBeer instagram)

Once inside we all got treated to a free tallboy of Oast (the sponsor) and then we all sat around chatting, drinking beer, and eating some brunch. It was such a fun day and really solidified the idea that I should find a running group because the run flew by.

Now onto another week!

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  1. Awesome week! I was so jealous of your pool pictures. I've decided to do 100 Days of Walking - walking 30 minutes a day.... we'll see how that goes! :)

    Have an awesome week!


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