Monday, June 6, 2016

Monday in Motion

Hellooo party people! I hope you all had a great weekend! On Friday I went out to the Danforth to visit Von Doughnut for a delicious donut with my friend Lisa (did you know it was National Donut Day on Friday? Which is odd because I thought every day was National Donut Day). And then we met up with Cam and ate some delicious dinner at the Auld Spot. But I was so tired when I got home that I basically failed on my goal to be active every day. However on Sunday Cam and I went to the Toronto Islands where we walked 15,000 steps! And I also ran 5K that day! So I feel I caught up on being active :). Sunday was a lazy, rainy day, but I did my morning run and I visited my Grandma! So a successful weekend overall!

Let's recap my mooooves this week:

Monday: Walked 8000 steps, most of which was my walk to meet Lindsey for the Chef Cartel event. I had planned to walk home, but it went much later than we had anticipated. And I was on my feet ALL night, even if I didn't record many steps.

Tuesday: ran 6.8km. My run the previous Sunday was one of those terrible runs where I felt crappy and cut it short, so I wanted Tuesday's run to be more therapeutic. I brought no music or phone and, while I had my watch on, I didn't look at it once. It was a great run!

Wednesday: I biked the 13.5km to and from work. I was actually super proud because I didn't walk up any of the hills (and there are some DOOZIES). I also was a bit faster? Still trying to figure out why I bike so slow. My friend theorizes I need to pump up my tires more. I just think my bike sucks and there are too many hills. Here is my pace and elevation chart for the ride home (I hit a lot of red lights near the end, which is why my pace drops). That big ol' steep hill at the beginning is SO MUCH FUN GOING UP at 7:45am. Just kidding- I cry.

Thursday: 10km "fast" run. I am working on speed a bit more this training now, especially since I dropped all speedwork trying to come back from my IT Band injury in my marathon training. So Thursday I worked my speedy butt off on my tempo training run- it was hot and tiring but successful. I consider anything under a 6:00/km pace a speedy pace :)

Friday: 6,000 steps. As I said above, I was so tired after dinner. Probably from digesting that massive donut. #noregrets

Saturday: 15,000 steps around the Toronto Islands and a 5km run in the evening! Saturday's run was supposed to be a tempo run as well, but my watch couldn't pick up a signal downtown and I have no idea how far or how fast I went! But it was at least 5km based on how long I was gone :)

Sunday: 13km run. Nice and slow- my legs were a bit tight and it was like 90% humidity out.

As always I am going to work on improving this again next week! It is supposed to be a bit cooler, but also some rain so I am not sure if I will be biking to work much this week! We shall see!

Oh Oh- I also want to share my new favourite podcast!! The Mystery Show. The narrator solves a mystery every week and they are hilarious and random- like how tall is Jake Gyllenhaal and why someone had a license plate that says iluv911. It is really funny and entertaining and so far every mystery has been satisfyingly solved. I only have 1 episode left and then I am going to be so sad because they aren't making more until mid-July.

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  1. Hearing about your fitness kick and your running times is very inspiring, makes me want to get out there and get fit! You're doing so well, can't wait to hear the next instalment!


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