Monday, June 20, 2016

Monday in Motion- Another RunTOBeer Recap!

Hello hello!

This week was kind of lax on the "not being lazy" front, but what can ya do?

Monday- 9300 steps. Can't remember what I did
Tuesday- 7.5km run
Wednesday- Felt SO lazy. Did some running exercises and stretches but basically relaxed!
Thursday-11.5km run
Friday- I was babysitting my niece and nephew so I didn't get too much exercise. Unless you count basketball golf with a 1 year old.

Saturday- 10,000 steps! I took my very pregnant friend to the spa for a massage and pedicure to celebrate her 30th birthday this past spring and her upcoming baby. I meant to get a photo of us in our fluffy white spa robes, but I forgot. We went to Elmwood Spa, which is one of my favourites here in the city. We had so much fun!! I 100% recommend the spa gift for any pregnant ladies. Then we went out for lobster rolls (delish). Later in the evening I went to my friend Bri's 30th birthday party where I totally kicked butt at Pie-In-The-Face, being the only person to not get pie in my face. Hua! #talent

Sunday- RunToBeer again!! We met out at Woodbine and Danforth and ran 15km to the Loose Moose for a Side Launch party. It was HOT. Like 30 degrees and no shade hot. I was so beat after. It probably doesn't help that I got home at 2:00am from Bri's house the night before and then up at 8:30 and slightly hungover. Oops.

And then in the evening I drove to Ajax for a buffet dinner with my Dad and fam! Busy weekend!!

I guess now it is officially summer so the hot days are only going to get hotter!! Next weekend I am running the Toronto Waterfront 10K with Lindsey and Michelle so fingers crossed for whatever the opposite of a heat wave is!!

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