Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Toronto Graffiti Art

I have been slow to put new art up above my couch as it is the only real "wall" in the main living area and I really wanted to make sure I found the right piece or pieces for there- something that reflects me (and I guess Cam too)! So this whole time I have had just my favourite Toronto neighbourhood map up there while I ruminated.

For Christmas my friend got me a lovely wooden postcard with a picture of the Front St. street sign on it that was made by a local artist (I lost their name). And I also have my awesome graffiti style pillow on the couch, designed by another local artist- Nadia Lloyd. I felt like my decision was made for me- I needed a Toronto themed gallery wall, which would be a nice accompaniment to my travel themed gallery wall in the front hall. It all sort of works- an ode to my travels by the front door, but an ode to my beloved city in my living room.

However the wooden postcard and the giant neighbourhoods poster are way too different in size to work together so I began to keep an eye out for other pieces to add to my collection. I was on Reddit some months back perusing the local subreddit /r/toronto for local news when I found a really cool collection of prints of the city skyline made with shots of local graffiti. The person had just made them for fun, but I messaged him/her and asked if I could buy some prints of them and the rest is history!

Here is the person's website to see some of their other items. I don't think these prints were ever publicly sold.

I love that they add some colour to wall, but are modern looking too. The seller and I discussed various ways to print them, but I liked the portrait style with tons of white space so that is what I chose! I also tried to pick 3 colours that would work together and go with my style.

PS- do you know how hard it is to find a frame with 3 vertical photo slots? It's impossible!! I gave up after a month of searching and ended up just making this out of an Ikea Ribba frame and just threw out the matting, painted the plywood backing, and taped the photos on. And then of course 2 weeks later someone in my neighbourhood buy/sell groups puts up a 3 photo vertical frame for sale. Of course.

Oh well my method works well and looks good!


  1. I'm the artist! I LOVE your framing of the graffiti skyline prints! As of yet I haven't listed the prints for sale on my site (got hired for a job that is taking up all my time) but I'm hoping to add them soon. Thanks for your patronage and for styling them so beautifully!

    1. Hey!! Thank you for stopping by and thanks again for the prints!!!


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