Wednesday, May 18, 2016

My Day with Matt Damon

On my 30th Birthday Bucket List last week I mentioned starring (ahem...being an extra) in a movie with Matt Damon and I figured I should elaborate on that since it was a really cool experience! The only issue is I signed a non-disclosure agreement so I can't tell you what scene I was in, my costume, my role, or even show you the picture I took of me on set that I was totally not allowed to take. But I shall tell what I can!

So basically a couple months ago I got word that there was a big Hollywood movie filming in Toronto and they were looking for extras. I thought it was a really cool opportunity to do something different and exciting so I applied and got in! Filming for my scene was just one day at the end of April and it was supposed to take all day so I got there at 6:45am. I had previously had my costume fitting so I was immediately whisked off to makeup with a few other extras. Makeup was really fun and interesting (they covered my tattoos 100%!) AND the makeup artists told us we were going to be shooting a scene with Matt Damon that day!!

We got back to the set after makeup and changed into our costumes and sat around for awhile. Then we did one scene over and over for awhile, but by the end I was actually cut from the scene (there were a lot of extras and sometimes they pull you out or move you until the director likes the shot). However, in the next scene we were shooting I got a PRIME spot and I ended up walking directly behind Matt Damon and in front of the camera over and over! And they never did that shot without me there so if it makes it into the movie I will 100% be visible in it!!!

I wasn't really in the scene after that since I was so prominently in the scene before, I guess (not that I minded!), so basically after that I just sat around until lunch and after lunch we wrapped and got sent on home. I had been expecting a longer day so that was nice.

All in all, it was a really cool experience. A lot of standing around while they reset scenes and a LOT of repetitive motion. But I got to meet the director (who is an Oscar winner!) and all of the various staff and other extras were so nice! A lot of the extras had no experience like me, but it never really felt awkward or anything.

I also never actually "met" Matt as I didn't want to bother him and my spot behind him (which I would stand in, waiting, for 5-10 minutes between every 20 second take) was about 10 feet back from him so it would be a little awkward to start asking him questions or bother him when he was trying to work. But we did smile at each other as I passed him on my way to my spot once. :)

Anyway- that is the story of my day with Matt Damon! Once I get the all-clear on the NDA being up I will post more details! The movie doesn't come out until Dec 2017 so it could be a LONG wait.

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