Monday, May 23, 2016

Monday in Motion

Hello!! It is a long weekend in Canada this weekend (Victoria Day, also known as May 24 weekend where everybody in Canada opens their cottages with a 24 of beer on hand. Except I have no cottage so I am here in the city). It also happens to be a GORGEOUS weekend here in Toronto. Sunny and Hot!!

I am trying to make an effort this summer to move every day. I still run 4 days a week (I signed up for another half marathon for late July to keep me motivated), but I am trying to fill the other 3 days with fresh air and exercise as well! Last week I dusted off my bike and rode to and from work on Thursday, which is a total of almost 28km! I am such a slow bike rider (though, I blame my bike), but it was a great ride and a couple of summers ago I could NEVER ride to work and ride home the same day, so clearly all this running has massively improved my cardio! I am hoping to get up to riding 3 days a week.

Sweating it out!
I gained about 5-7 pounds with my half marathon training last fall and then full marathon training over the winter. You would think I was burning a million calories with all that running, but the body adapts to running and becomes pretty efficient. Plus it makes you so hungry you eat like a horse, even on non-running days. Plus it gives you an excuse to say yes to everything ("Oh, a box of donuts? Well I did run 30K today"). So I gained some weight that needs to go because my white jeans no longer fit. Or I may buy new pants. We will see how the summer goes ;)

I also got a pair of Jaybird X2 wireless headphones for my birthday! Nothing makes me wanna run more than fancy new gear!! So far I really like them and I do not miss dealing with a headphone cord! I am wearing them in the above pic.

So what have I been up to this past week?

Tues: 5.7km run
Thursday: 14 km bike ride to and from work (total 28km)
Friday: 8km run
Saturday- lots of walking! 16,000 steps!
Sunday- 10km run

This week I intend to be moving every day!

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