Monday, April 18, 2016

Marathon Training: Week 14

Total kilometers run: 585.5km

This Week: 42.4km

Week 14's runs:
Tuesday: 6.4km (6:46 min/km avg pace)
Thursday: 10km (6:42 min/km avg pace)
Saturday: 10km (6:08 min/km avg pace)
Sunday: 16km (6:32 min/km avg pace)

Taper time!! I am two weeks away from the big race so now my mileage starts lowering so I can rest my legs and start storing up energy. I am super excited and also super nervous for my race! My training was pretty low-mileage to begin with and obviously my IT Band issues set me back a bit. I mean, I only got in one 30K run... But for some reason I am also feeling confident? Maybe not for finishing in some stellar time, but for finishing!

I was also excited to see the sun FINALLY come around this week! Temperatures are up and my running shorts are back on. I even put on sunscreen. I actually really hope race day is not as warm as this weekend was, because I certainly haven't trained in this type of weather. My ultimate wish is 10 degrees, partly cloudy, and no wind. Right now the forecast is 14 and sunny, but 2 weeks is a long way away to take a forecast seriously, so who knows!

Oh, I also tried another gel this week- GU Lemon Sublime. It was alright, didn't really taste much like anything, but I was drinking lemon-lime gatorade too so it probably just blended with that. I don't mind ones that don't taste strongly though- they go down easy!

Yay spring!

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