Monday, April 11, 2016

Marathon Training: Week 13

Total kilometers run: 539.1km

This Week: 57.8km

Week 13's runs:
Tuesday: 13km easy (6:31 min/km avg pace)
Thursday: 6.5km easy (6:30 min/km avg pace)
Saturday: 12.6km easy (6:21 min/km avg pace)
Sunday: 25.7km easy (6:35 min/km avg pace)

Ah, lucky week 13! It actually went fairly smoothly, though I was worried it wouldn't. I did 13km on Tuesday and then saw my Physio on Thursday and she did shockwave treatment on my knee. Shockwave is basically a nice way of saying she took a jackhammer of electric shocks to my knee. It hurt SO much! She still encouraged me to run Thursday, but my legs were tired and I skipped the 1.5km of sprints I was supposed to do at the end of my run. I'm kind of avoiding speed work while I heal anyway.

Saturday my legs were still tired, but I did a fairly quick 12.6km run. I was supposed to go 12.9, but I had plans and needed to rush home! Saturday night my knee was really starting to bug me, especially while doing my daily exercises (which now include 1 legged squats). I was worried about Sunday's run, but I actually woke up feeling great and the whole run went smooth as butter with no pain! Right after I got back I got a massage at the local spa and took a nap. It was a great day overall! It was my last "long run" of training! Now I am tapering (AKA- reducing mileage) until race day so my legs are well rested!

Also on Sunday I was planning on running up by the Don Valley River, but it was temporarily blocked off for a movie shoot (or something like that), so I ended up running out to the Leslie Spit and I had SUCH an enjoyable run out there! I ran all the way to the lighthouse!

Finally, I tried some new on-the-run snacks and wanted to share!

Vega Gel in Raspberry: This one was okay. Wasn't the biggest fan of the flavour. The orange one was better.

Clif Shot Bloks in Fruit Punch: I found these harder to chew than the Gu chomps I tried a few weeks ago. Plus they were pretty sweet and I had a bit of sharp jaw pain from that when I bit into them. But the flavour was good!

Gu Gel in Jet Blackberry: Pretty good! Much better consistency than the Vegas (though maybe the Vega gels had slightly frozen on me?). I also like that it has sodium and caffeine. Might be a good option in the 2nd half when I'm depleted. 

Honey Stinger Gel in Mango Orange: Really liked this one! It wasn't too sweet at all, and I am I would prefer that on race day. This one will definitely be in my pack. I also like how Honey Stinger has pretty normal, easy to understand ingredients. +1 if you like putting real food in your belly.

Honey Stinger Waffle in Caramel: same issue I had with the last Honey Stinger Waffle- it froze on me! However, these things are still ridiculously delicious. I think I will pack one or two for race day to get a change from the gels. It will hopefully be above freezing by then!


  1. I always laugh to myself when I see something like "25km easy" - I know what you're saying but I can't imagine that distance ever being easy!
    I am so jealous of your running routes. Really wishing I lived by the lake. My route options are so ho hum in comparison. But now that it is finally warming up I am really hoping to take my runs outside this week! I just want +5C, that's all I'm asking for.

    1. haha easy just means easy pace! I take walking breaks and photos and just enjoy myself when running "easy"! and yes, my area is so great to run in. all sorts of trails to discover. I was getting pretty bored of my usual routes so it was really fun to run this one

  2. Woohoo to you!! Super impressed!

    what daily exercises do you do? I'm curious?

    1. quad stretches and hip flexor stretches twice a day, then clamshells, one legged step downs, and this toe tap thing


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