Monday, March 21, 2016

Marathon Training: Week 10

Total kilometers run: 409.2km
This Week: 24km

Week 10's runs:
Tuesday: Missed
Thursday: Missed
Saturday: 8km easy (6:16 min/km avg pace)
Sunday: 16km steady (6:44 min/km avg pace)

I took off the entirety of Monday- Friday this past week to rest my bad knee. It was actually super frustrating, even though I knew it was the best thing to do! It's funny because I used to be a pretty lazy person who was quite content to sit on the couch all evening, but man alive did I ever want to run! I felt very bored all week!

I did get out on Saturday and Sunday, and my knee seems about 80%. It would hurt randomly on my runs, but not continuously like it did the weekend before and definitely not as sharply. I am continuing to ice and rest as much as I can to continue to help it heal and  I've also been doing a lot of stretches, multiple times a day. Fingers crossed that it goes away!

Anyway, not much else to say about this week, so here is a cat gif!

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