Thursday, February 4, 2016

Bathroom Makeover!

I know what you are expecting today...a drawn out blog post discussing my plans for the bathroom makeover, and then maybe next week a debate on paint colour. After that perhaps an update on fixtures I have purchased. Then a 10 week breakdown of every inch of my bathroom makeover. But nope! Today I actually have finished photos because I made over my bathroom without telling you! Yay!

Let's check out the before:

All I had done in the bathroom since move-in day was replace the faucet and shower head. The walls in here were painted builders' white, the toilet paper holder was falling off the wall (like, legitly, and taking the drywall with it...for the entire 15 months I have lived here), and you could either hang up a towel or a hand towel, but not both. It was definitely time for a mini-makeover and here she is now!

I painted the walls Blue Surf by CIL and I loooove it in here. Sometimes it looks purple, sometimes blue, and sometimes grey. It is very pretty! I also replaced the shower curtain with a nice fabric white one and I replaced the bathmat (which was really more of a bath towel), with a new shaggy white one. I also finally replaced the towel bar and toilet paper holder with nice new ones from the Delta Trinsic line, and I also installed the matching hand towel holder,

I bought the towel holders and TP holder MONTHS ago when I bought the faucet, but didn't bother changing them because I figured I would wait to paint first. However when I opened the new TP holder the little screw to fasten it to the wall mount has fallen INTO to holder itself and could not be gotten back out! Thankfully I contacted Delta and they are awesome and are sending me a new holder!!! So for now I have a big ol screw in there so it stays on the wall. Also, when I installed the towel bar I drilled right through the wall into my bedroom. hahahaha. And this is why I will never make a living off my handyman skills.

I also added some new art with a print that was given to me for Christmas from my friend Jeni. I didn't know where to put it at first, but I stuck it in the bathroom and realized it was perfect in here because the beige matches my beige tiles! The blue wheel is what inspired the bathroom colour too.

Oh and in case you are wondering about the towels on the back of the door, that is where we keep the clean towels because we have no linen closet. #condoproblems

I still have lots of plans for the bathroom. I want to take down the giant mirror and put up a normal sized one and a medicine cabinet because storage is very limited in here and our toiletries take over the whole counter (I totally staged these photos...). I also am still considering replacing the entire vanity with something a little more modern and removing the granite shelf. But all in good time! For now we are happy to have a clean and serene space. And this was the last room in the condo to get painted- so that is worth celebrating too!


  1. I think you did a great job! Love that blue color too!

    1. Thank you! It is a tough colour to capture in photo...its so much nicer in person! :)

  2. Looks great! I can't believe you've been there 15 months! Sheila

  3. Looks wonderful! I like the way that bathroom has been remodeled. I would have all day on a bathroom like that.


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