Monday, January 11, 2016

New Appliances!

As I mentioned previously, I bought myself a new oven and fridge during Boxing Week sales and they came last week! It was quite the ordeal too, but I will get to that in a minute. Here they are in all their glory!

The fridge is a GE fridge that I managed to get for the awesome price of $812 through price matching. It is deeper than my old fridge, which I didn't realize when I bought it, but I don't mind. I also thought the black sides would bother me, but considering how much black is in the oven and microwave, plus the flecks of black in the granite all kind of works. More masculine than I think I would have ended up with if I had designed the kitchen from scratch, but definitely looking good!

The fridge is really deep and Cam and I keep filling it up with groceries, yet it always looks empty. A counterdepth fridge would have been a better option....if I cared to spend $2000 more on a fridge than I did :). Also a pleasant surprise was that this new fridge is magnetic! Everyone one I know with a stainless steel fridge said the fronts aren't magnetic, but mine is! To celebrate I got a custom magnet made of me and Cam (aww).

The oven, however, is my real pride and joy. It is an LG double oven that I got on sale for $1098. I probably could have gotten a normal oven in the $800 range, but both Cam and I liked the idea of the double oven. 90% of the time we will just use the small oven to cook food, which will be faster and more energy efficient, but then if I am baking cookies or something I have 3 racks to bake on now!

Plus, if I ever throw a fancy dinner party I can cook multiple dishes at different temperatures at once, or leave one on to warm while the other cooks. We have lots of storage in this kitchen, so losing the storage drawer under the oven is no loss to us!

As a last point, the inside of the oven is ridiculously pretty. LG chose this amazing indigo colour that makes this very basic double oven look like a really high end one (in my opinion). It also plays a song when it had heated up or when the timer ends, which was a surprise and I will probably grow to hate in time haha.

Getting the oven and fridge into my unit after buying them was a bit of a nightmare. They were set to be delivered on a Sunday between 8 and 12. I got up early and called the concierge to inform him of the delivery and was told deliveries aren't allowed on Sundays. Oh. Did not know that :\. But he said since it was too late to stop it now we would figure it out.

The delivery guys ended up being super late and came around 1:30pm (I do not do well I was stressed at this point. But I would like to shout out to the awesome Norma at Home Depot who was trying to track down the delivery guys for me). The nice concierge of this morning had left for the day and the new concierge and security person were NOT happy about the delivery. I won't go into details, but if looks could kill, that security guy was murdering me the whole time. Anyway, it all got delivered (yay!) and the world didn't end.

And then an hour or so later I tested out the oven and the stovetop didn't work! It is all electronic with buttons instead of dials and it would not turn on! I wanted to cry!! I called LG and they said to try unplugging and plugging it back in, which I did to no effect. LG then told me to call who I bought it from, and the Home Depot appliance department never called me back, and the delivery company was closed on Sundays so I could speak to no one. Anyway to make a long story short, my dad suggested I unplug it, wait a full 30 seconds, and then replug it in and that worked!! YAY!! Fingers crossed but I have had no issues with it since.

As for my old appliances, the fridge I was able to sell on kijii, but I have had ZERO luck trying to offload the oven. So for now, it is sitting in the living room as a glorified plant stand. I found a church that is collecting appliances and smaller household goods for the refugees, but they haven't replied to my email yet so I am not sure if I will just end up driving it to the dump. Seems a shame, considering it is still working. Anyone want an oven??

Overall, I have been pleased as punch with my new appliances. I think they look great in the kitchen and I don't regret any of them. As you may remember, I had written in my old place about how I liked my white appliances, but when it came time to start replacing appliances in this place (the dishwasher and was failing when I moved in), I knew based on pictures of comps in the building that I preferred the look of stainless with the cabinet colour and countertops and I also knew that for resale stainless steel is often preferred by buyers. Plus, with Cam and I fingerprints aren't a huge deal since we only use the handles. I can see how it would be more of an issue with little kids.

PS- here is a shot of the kitchen from when I moved in (but after I painted). It has come a long way!


  1. Love the new appliances! We got a new stove in December and paid $799 for it, but it doesn't have a double oven. We looked at those and I drooled a bit but we couldn't justify the price. So I'm super jealous. And the blue inside totally threw me when we were looking at Home Depot!

    And I'm even more jealous of the fridge, because we have been looking (for fun, we don't need a new one yet) and we can't find any with the top fridge and bottom freezer in stainless steel within our price range. They're all the stupid french door ones that I hate. So woohoo, enjoy your new toys!

    1. Yes, there aren't many! This one was originally priced $1098 on sale. Keep an eye out!

    2. We will definitely keep an eye out, although we aren't really needing one right now. I just want one so that it matches my new stove. :P

  2. I'm still so enthralled with that gorgeous blue. If my oven looked like that inside I'd want to bake every day!

  3. Rather Jealous of your new toys - I hate my appliances so kinda want them to die. Then again I don't really have the $4 right now to replace them.

    If you haven't already gotten rid of your stove try the Habitat restore


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