Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Freedom Wig Review- 1(ish) Year Later

As most of you know, I have an autoimmune disorder called Alopecia Universalis, which leaves me unable to grow barely any hair on my body or head. Last year I bought a new custom wig and reviewed it right away.

Someone commented on my original post where I showed off my new Freedom Wig that I should do a review again, now after wearing it for some time. I agree! I got this wig in Sept 2014 so I have been wearing it daily for 17ish months. Considering this wig cost more then all my new appliances combined (ya....not exaggerating there) I should share my thoughts since others may also be looking to buy one and wondering if it is worth the expense.

So...after all this time do I regret this wig? Not. One. Bit.

I love it!

Please ignore the crazy static in my's so dry in my condo!

This is probably the most comfortable wig I have ever known. I never found my old wigs to be particularly itchy or hot, like some people complain about, but they always shifted around slightly or couldn't be styled easily. This wig was designed to fit every inch of my head and so it goes on and stays on! Therefore I can comfortably go about my day regardless of winter touques, the neckline of my coat or scarves (which always shifted my wigs before), and in any sort of wind! Plus, in the summer I can pull it back into a ponytail and keep all the hair off my neck, which is sooo comfortable and something I didn't even realize I missed.

As for the quality of the wig, it is great. I am not even as careful with it as the instructions said I should be (like not touching it too much). I basically live my life and don't even think about it. I wear glasses, I brush it out with my fingers if I come in from the wind, I wear hats, I style it...I just treat it like normal hair and the hair still looks fresh! I definitely have lost a bit of volume as hairs have naturally fallen out when brushing it, but it still looks nice and full to me.

Taking care of it has been a cinch too. Once a week I wash it with high end shampoo and conditioner (I look for organic stuff as much as I can too). I just wash it gently in a bowl in the sink, though technically I could wear it in the shower. Then I wrap it in a towel for about 30 minutes to absorb the water. Once it is merely damp, I stick it on a foam head that clamps onto any table and I very gently brush it out and let it air dry (sometimes I will blow dry on low heat if I need to rewear it that day). When it is dry I give it a quick straightening with my flat iron and then it is generally good for a whole week without styling again! Sometimes the hair will look a little dried out (hello winter), so I just spritz it with a bit of argan oil and it looks good again.

Once in awhile I will curl it too- either with the flat iron or with a curling iron. The curls are fun because they will last a long time and start just looking like nice waves as I brush it throughout the week. I was too lazy to curl it or do anything beyond a ponytail for this mini-photoshoot. but here are some shots of it styled throughout the year from my phone

As for some slight issues- I think the hairs that we cut in around my nape need to be redone...I have noticed it seems like there are less there to cover my neck when my hair is up. The nape gets the most beating (especially in winter with scarves), so this doesn't surprise me! Also, I think the colour has slightly lightened from the summer sun. This too is normal as donated hair comes from all over a person's head and the "underhairs" haven't really gotten sun exposure before and naturally lightened now that they are exposed. I don't mind the hair colour at all- it still looks natural and good on me- but the instructions did mention getting a yearly dye job to keep the hairs looking good and I may consider doing that down the line.

All in all- I love my Freedom Wig and I will definitely buy another one some day. It has given me so much freedom (lol)...I can ride mechanical bulls, go swimming, wear ponytails, etc. It is about as close as I can get to real hair! Plus I only need to wash and style it once and week and never need to shave my chalk up a win for alopecia :)


  1. I think your hair looks amazing and so, so natural! And it curls better than mine ;)

  2. I think it (and you!) look amazing! xo Sheila


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