Friday, January 1, 2016

5 Things Friday

Happy New Year!! I am super pumped for 2016. Should be a great year- I'm running a marathon AND I'm turning 30! I am also hoping to fit in some trips and hoping for some other good surprises I don't know about yet :)

Let's recap the past couple weeks, shall we?

1. I got Adele tickets!

I know- I am basically the only person I know who actually managed to snag a pair. My friend mentioned she would like to go to the concert so I said I would try to get tickets. I was on the Ticketmaster site exactly when it went live and as quick as possible clicked a show date to find tickets. I sat in a "waiting room" for 20 minutes, then finally made it to the ticket search part. I searched for a pair and waited for around 35 minutes!! Somehow I actually got a pair at the end. I 100% did not think that would happen. But yay!!!

Come to think of it, I am still waiting for my actual tickets in the mail. I wonder when they mail out?

2. I found another Rich in the Six Token!

This actually happened just yesterday. December's clues were really hard, but my friend and I were able to narrow down a possible search area and we scoured it and I found it on a light post under the box (like last time). We won $1000!!!! SOOOOO exciting! Especially since last month we came so close to getting it.

3. I bought New Appliances!!!!!

Unrelated to my new found fortune, I bought a new fridge and oven last weekend during boxing day sales and they come this weekend!! Here is what I got:

GE Fridge

LG Double Oven
I am soooo excited for that double oven. With just Cam and I, the little oven will be perfect for cooking smaller meals, but then BAM- double oven for maximum cookie baking!! I am pretty excited to get both of these in! I mean, look at how pretty they are! The fridge does have black sides, which was hoping to avoid, but the only options in my price range were black or grey, and frankly I am not paying more money for grey sides, when clearly I could just paint the black sides grey (I won't, but I could).

I got a great deal on the fridge too because Best Buy had it on sale for $200 less than Home Depot (but HD was the only carrier of the oven I wanted). Home Depot price matched it plus 10% so I got both appliances for just under $2000, which was my budget! YAY!

4. Christmas
I want to recap Christmas here too, because it was a good time. I had the entire week off so there was a lot of relaxing (and some running! In shorts! Crazy warm here last week).

The week before Christmas kicked off with a ton of eating out! I went to Mengrai Thai and then the Christmas Market with my friend Veronica, I went out to Sotto Sotto for our annual dinner with my work, I went to the new Bar Hop with my friends Jeni and Brandon, and I went out with Michelle, Shanondoah, and Lindsey to Boralia! Lindsey wrote up a big recap about it here (spoiler alert- it was fabulous)

After all that pre-eating, on the 20th we had Christmas dinner with my Mom and Stepdad and the various kids and spouses. I made mini pies! Last time I tried making mini apple pies they got stuck in the pan. But this time I applied so much butter to the pan and put in strips of parchment paper to help lift them out and they turned out great!

Cam I spent Christmas Eve also at my Mom's house (and we went to church and I threw up from unknown causes. Good times- but thankfully I was better on Christmas Day). Christmas morning we had mimosas and breakfast casserole at my Moms and then we were off to my Dad's to open presents! The hit gift seemed to be the drone I got my Dad (this one). My dad and brother had so much fun trying to fly that thing. In fact, they had so much fun my SIL ordered the same one for my brother for his birthday this week! Then we had Christmas dinner at my brother's house. Big ol turkey dinner never disappoints!

Cam and Zack playing Santa
Boxing Day was actually very quiet- my friend Gin came over and we watched movies and raided Cam's collection of chocolates. He is a teacher...the number of boxes of chocolates from his students at our place is insane. Cam had to use a dolly to bring it all up from his car.

On the 27th Cam and I both had separate big family dinners (what are the chances of that?). So we went our separate ways and I bought the appliances with my mom and stepdad and then we had turkey dinner with the family at my aunt's. My cousin and I bonded over the adult colouring books we got the Christmas...I am addicted to that thing! Did anyone else get one?

And THEN on the 28th Cam's mom and her boyfriend came down to visit us and we went shopping in Chinatown (which is just north of me), and they cooked us up a big fancy meal (my kind of guests!).

My dad's family is having their get together this weekend...and then Christmas will finally be over. I love Christmastime so I am sad to see it go!


Wish you guys all the best in 2016!


  1. LOVE the appliances! GOOD choice. Which cousin did you bond with over the colouring book? Nicole just went out and bought the 3rd one - she was so worried about NOT being able to get it as they are selling out. Pencil crayons ARE selling out everywhere! Her and Meg LOVE their books! Drone?! GREAT idea!! Save some chocolates to give to Grandma - she loves have boxes of chocolates (and so do her daughters when they visit!) LOL Busy times for you. FUN!!! Was great to see you on the 27th! xo Sheila

  2. Casey, you are a fun, funny and good writer! Love your blogs! Thanks for mentioning Fred and I and hope you guys enjoyed the meal! And you're a great photographer too, love the chocolate remnants piled on the dolly. You need to keep writing, you definitely have a talent for it and it's obvious you enjoy it. And I can be your editor (I have many years' business writing experience and my friends at work call me "eagle eye". Shelley xo

  3. I got an adult colouring book too, and I love it. I will have to start trying the rich in the city! Also, one day I will remember that you are two years older than me and not one... one day.


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