Friday, December 4, 2015

Update on Winter Running

So some crazy person (mainly me) signed up for a May 1st marathon. Which means training in the winter. In Canada. Yay.

It seemed like a good idea at the time. Mostly because I was on a half-marathon high and enjoying sunshiny days. I literally forgot how much it sucks to come home at it is already dark and cold. And then I am supposed to leave my parka at home and go back out there and RUN?

Source- The Oatmeal
Anyway, so running has not been going so good. First I took some time off after my half to rest my muscles. Then I had sore muscles from a big workout! Then I was off to Mexico! Then I got sick! Then I had a sore neck!

Basically I managed a few 5Ks on the dreadmill, but that was basically it since my half! Last weekend I finally made it outside to run 5K. It was cold, but thankfully the weather gods have given us a really mild fall and it has barely dipped into freezing at all. Sucky for White Christmases. But nice for runners. And then finally last night I went for my first night run! It was cold (around freezing), and very dark. I did about 7km! I learned a lot too. I learned my route is NOT as well lit as I would like and I learned I was not as visible as I would like! Not good!

Thankfully I am a problem solver and not a quitter (or so I'd like to think) and so I ordered a pair of Knuckle Lights and I get them today!


They are little flashlights that strap onto your knuckles! Kind of pricey, but totally going to get my moneys worth this winter. They have really good reviews so I am hoping they will work out fine!

Up next...figuring out how to run in the snow. Though at this rate, I dont think we will see snow for awhile yet. 

And also,the view at night ain't so bad :)


  1. I was thinking as I read the title of this that you've been pretty lucky so far this year for "winter" running. However, I seem to recall last year being super mild until January and then BAM. Shitty til April. So you never know. Enjoy this balmy weather!

    1. Im slightly terrified of February. Feb 2015 was a never-ending onslaught of evil

  2. I read the title thinking... will she be enjoying it? Oh, no, it's as terrible as I would think. But so awesome you're still at it! I can't wait to have a little cheering section with Lindsey and Michelle on May 1st... we have to figure out our signs soon!

    1. it wasnt terrible. but the motivation is really hard to find!!

      and yay cheering crew!

  3. Okay - as a past winter runner I fell I'm qualified to give you some tips.
    Stick to city sidewalks. No side streets. The city plows the sidewalks soon after it snows and also applies salt/sand as needs.
    A good wind-proof jacket is a must. Wind will be what makes you cold. Then you can layer underneath as needed - long-sleeve t, thermal layer, etc
    Same goes for the bottoms - wind proof pants. Back in the day I didn't want to spring for $$$ wind-proof running pants so I just used regular wind-pants. Underneath I also layered - leggings or thermal underwear, and on really bad days thin sweatpants.
    Wear a hat that covers your ears. Also I always found that if I ran with music in the cold would freeze the cords and then migrate up into the earbuds making my ears cold - maybe tuck all of the ear bud and some cord into your hat.
    On really cold days I always wore a fleece neck tube - it kept the wind off my skin, and also made breathing in the cold air a bit easier.
    I also made sure to wear longer socks - nothing worse than the cold air creeping in at your ankles.

    Hope this helps :)

    1. thanks! I recently purchased some thermal tights! working on slowly building my winter running wardrobe


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