Monday, November 2, 2015

Rich in the Six!

There is this new thing in Toronto called Rich in the Six. It is run by an anonymous man who wants to share his wealth in a fun way. Basically, he hides a small, metal token somewhere in the city and posts clues on his website The clues are only posted every couple days or so (there is a running countdown on the site for when the next clue will be posted) and some of the clues give you the general area it is in and some give a description of the token's hiding spot. A new token is hidden on the first of the month.

Usually the prize for finding the token is $1000, but the token hidden Oct 1 was found the same day it was posted! So Sixx (that is what he calls himself), hid a second and it too was found within a day! So on Oct 7th he hid a third, with the prize being tickets to a Toronto Leafs Game, and he upped his clue game, making them really vague and tough! It had to be found by Oct 31st, so he could start the next hunt on the 1st, and he was planning on releasing a lot of clues on Saturday if it hadn't been located by then.

I had been following since the first clue was posted, thanks to a facebook post by my friend Steph and brainstorming and agonizing with her over where this little token might be! Each clue made me less and less confident as to where it was, and I looked in a few different places, but never with any confidence. There is a message board on the website and tons of people were sharing thoughts and solutions to the clues.

There was one clue- a bonus one on the radio- that went "What happens when the prince crosses the king?". This clue would end up being the key one for me! I didn't solve it for a couple weeks, but a couple other clues seemed to be pointing to the area I work it and suddenly on Wednesday it dawned on me: When the prince crosses the king, HE IS IN THE KING'S WAY!. The Kingsway is the neighbourhood I work in!!

I searched in the pouring rain that evening after work, but found nothing. All I knew (as per some clues) was the token was in a box, that it was in the dark, and that it was possibly on a median or island of some nature. I checked all possible box-like locations! Nothing! On Thursday the power was out at work all morning, so I tried looking again while waiting for it to come back...nothing. I was ready to give up.

Then on Friday the next clue was up- 504 in green letters. There was a parking lot with the number 504 right by where I had been working. My coworker came with me as she too had been following the clues (she hadn't been in since I cracked the Kingsway clue). I scoured that parking lot...and nothing! She then came over and mentioned that sometimes the brown boxes at the base of streetlamps could be lifted and we looked under them- and it was under the 3rd one we tried!!!


It was sooooo exciting to find!! When you find it you log a code on the back into the website and then email Sixx to claim your prize. We got our Leaf Tickets that afternoon and are really looking forward to going to the game in January together (I never would have thought to look under the streetlamp boxes, and it was my sleuthing that led to the parking lot, so it was 100% a joint effort). If you aren't from Toronto- Leafs tickets are pretty expensive and basically always sell out, so it is a real treat to get to a game!

I had a lot of fun (and a lot of frustrating moments!) trying to find this little token, and I am looking forward to trying to win the $1000 next month! Sixx has said it is going to be even harder!


  1. Soo cool. I had heard about this quite a while ago. Glad you are having fun AND success with it! Sheila

    1. Yes, last summer he was hiding $100 bills all over the city!

  2. How cool that you found it! And even better that there is a prize! Enjoy the Leafs game. :)


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