Monday, November 23, 2015

Mexico City Trip!

Way back in 2012 my friend Veronica and I visited our mutual friend Olga in Mexico City and then in early 2013 we had a quick rendezvous in Chicago with Olga again. However we hadn't seen her once since then, which is a shame because she is awesome! So we made it our mission to get down to Mexico city again and finally made it down for a very extended long weekend last week!
Veronica, Myself, and Olga- Reunited!

We flew in the Thursday evening, arriving in the middle of the night, and then flew out the following Wednesday afternoon, so it was a brief, but very good trip! Now, Veronica and I had been down for 15 days last time and definitely visited every single tourist site imaginable during that time- so our only goals this weekend were to do some shopping in the local markets and to go salsa dancing!

We stayed with Olga, her sister Anna, and Olga's daughter Sofia (and their dog Tyson and cat Cooper) in a cute little apartment with an amazing terrace in a very nice area of the city called Polanco. It was very central to many shops and restaurants so lots of walking occurred over the weekend, which nicely balanced the wine and tacos :)

Saturday was our big day- we went out for brunch, then went to the markets where Veronica and I bought our weight in pottery and souvenirs, and then that evening we met a couple of Olga and Anna's friends for dinner and dancing. We went to a club where we danced until after 4 am!!! We had drunk these espresso/liquor drinks called carajillos before going there, so I have to blame those. We also got some street tacos on the way home so bed didn't happen until 5am! After that the weekend was super low-key. We did some shopping, hit up some more pottery stores, and basically caught up with each other- there really are only so many stories you can tell over email :)

I was super sad to fly back to Canada (it was so warm our last couple days there!) and I am already hoping I can make it down for another extended long weekend in 2016. For now I will share some photos!!

Olga, Keith, Anna, Nikki, Veronica at Mama Rumba Salsa Club

Salsa dancing!
Cooper the cat
Mall all decked out for Christmas
Veronica stocking up on pottery
Shopping in the market

Fun in the market
Taking Tyson for a walk in the park
4:30am street tacos

Tyson on the terrace

I caught a nasty cold in Mexico so I will be back later to share all the cute things I picked up for the condo while down there! That mexican pottery gets me every time...

PS- if you want to learn more about things to do and see in Mexico City (it is a great city!), then check out my 2012 visit in posts HERE, HERE, and HERE


  1. Oh man, street tacos. I need those in my life.

    1. They had chicken, potatoes and onion so they were the perfect mix of foods needed at 430am


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