Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Half Marathon Training: Week 14

Total Miles This Week: 25.75
Total Miles Overall: 347 Miles

Workouts Completed:
Tuesday: 4.75 Miles (4 miles slow- 9:43 avg pace, with faster intervals for last 0.75 miles- 8:50 avg pace)
Thursday: 6 Miles (1 mile slow- 10:05 avg pace, 4 1 mile intervals- 8:31, 8:45, 8:26, and 8:28 respectively [SPEEDY GONZALES OVER HERE], 1 mile slow- 10:43 avg pace)
Saturday: 5 Miles (no time- phone was le broken)
Sunday: 10 Miles (slow- 10:25 avg pace)

This week brought a lot of firsts for me! On Tuesday I did my first ever training run in the rain. I don't know if I just shifted my runs around to avoid the rain all summer, or if I just got lucky, but Tuesday was the first time I ran in the rain. Weird. It was really nice, actually, except I didn't know what to wear. I wore a very light raincoat and was boiling, so I ended up tying it around my waist and then it annoyed me by bumping into my leg. I also wished I had a hat because my face was getting all wet. And I learned my eyebrow glue is definitely not waterproof. All good things to know before my race, in case it rains that day!

Then on Thursday I did intervals and broke into sub 9 minute miles- whoa there!! I definitely took 2 minute walking intervals between each of those, but I was pretty proud of maintaining that speed across all four miles!!

And THEN on Saturday my phone decided turning on was too much of a hassle so I ran sans phone (which means no running app, no watch, and no music/audiobook!). I had previously done this in the MEC Race in September when my phone shut off half way through, but I had never purposely gone out just to "do a run". But I knew the 5 mile turnaround spot by heart, having run many 5 milers this summer and it was actually a really good run. It was cold and like 65km/hr winds so it was challenging for sure, but I never felt like I missed my phone or that I was bored. And since my Saturday run is always an easy pace one, I didn't care about time anyway!

All in all, a good week of running :). I also got some new running gear now that fall has shown up with it's chilly temps and brisk winds. I love Old Navy running gear and I got the following items on sale and wanted to share!

Sweater Fleece Vest
I haven't run in this one yet, but I think it'll be good for staying a bit warmer as the temperatures drop to below 0 (shudder).

Maximum Support Sports Bra
I really didn't have high hopes for this bra as I need a lot of support to keep these ladies under control, but this bra pleasantly surprised me for the price! I find it super comfortable and supportive. I only wish the straps were a little thicker. But I have done a few runs in it now with zero issues!

High-Rise Patterned Compression Leggings in Always Bright Neo Poly
I wish the website had a better shot of these leggings, but they are sooo fun in person. I also love that they basically go up to my ribs (I questioned if they were maternity leggings?). I have such an issue with leggings falling down as I run, but I ran 10 miles in these and never needed to adjust them.

Long-Sleeve Go-Dry Tee in Carbon and Kelp Forest
I bought this shirt in Carbon and loved it so much I went and got the Kelp Forest one too (which is much more green in person than it looks online). They are soo warm and comfortable. I wore one on my 5 miler on Saturday, which was about 6 degrees Celsius and very windy out and at times I actually felt a little TOO warm so I am going to keep these on hand for the really cold days.

As well, I got a fleece hat and a fleece headband from Old Navy to keep my noggin warm in the winter. I also got another pair of running pants from Winners a couple weeks ago that are pretty comfortable and warm. And I picked up some running gloves awhile back.

So all in all I think I am ready for fall and winter running, but we shall see. I am still learning what I like to wear at different temperatures as that really is something that is unique to every person. But I am learning! For instance on Saturday it was 6C and windy and I wore a long sleeved shirt and pants and remembered I felt a bit warm at times. Sunday was a few degrees warmer (9C, but it was sunnier too), and not nearly as windy, so I wore leggings and a Tshirt and was quite comfortable. I will have to keep adjusting as the weather changes!

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