Friday, October 9, 2015

Friday Bits & Pieces

I feel like writing, but my life has been kind of boring lately (lots of running, lots of eating, lots of sleeping...tis a good life, just not an exciting one!). So I thought I would just throw out a bunch of random thoughts. Hurrah for Fridays! Hurrah for Thanksgiving weekend! (sorry, will need to wait for your turkey)

1. I got a new phone!
it's as big as my face!
My work provides my phone for me, and my boss is a big Apple fan so he gets the "new" iPhone every fall and I take his old one. So I now have an iPhone 6+! I am still getting used to the size (I struggle to text one handed now), but I love it. The battery life is amazing so far. My old phone actually needed to be plugged in 24/7. It could only hold a charge for about an hour and would turn off randomly so I had to carry a portable charger at all times. Right now my new phone is at 50% battery and I think I last charged it 30+ hours ago?? Amazing.

I picked up the paint splatter case from Winners right after getting the phone as my boss never had one. I am such a klutz and I feel the metal phones are so slippery...I need something easier to grip! Plus cases are cute. This was the only one Winners carried in the 6+ size! But I like it!

2. I have too many workout clothes

I am not one of those people who walks around in my active wear (though I do wear my leggings around the condo on occasion). So that means this whole STUFFED drawer is actually clothing just to workout in. And I actually use it all. Who am I? When did I become the type of person with more workout clothes than party clothes? Does this make me a grown up??

3. I found out my microwave has amazing settings

I needed to soften some butter the other day to make cookies, and I realized my microwave has a setting for melting butter?? AND IT WORKS. Like, perfectly. This is amazing. I only got this microwave last winter so maybe this is a new microwave thing? I certainly didn't buy a high end one. I almost wish my ice cream was too hard so I could try the soften ice cream setting, but my freezer keeps my ice cream perfectly spoonable. <-- That is basically the definition of a first world problem.

Also, why is my microwave American? I need to talk to LG about changing their stickers to the metric system up here. I literally cannot figure out what an ounce is to save my life.

4. WTF is this??

I went to the mall last weekend and found a freaking Christmas display in The Bay. It was Oct 3rd!! We haven't even passed Canadian Thanksgiving! What happened to at least waiting until Nov 1?? I swear by next year the stores will be putting out their displays the day after Easter.

Anyway, on that festive note, have a happy Thanksgiving my fellow Canadians! This year I am thankful for my loved ones, my health, and my awesome new phone that stays turned on :)


  1. WTF is right!!! No sane person want to plan for christmas when it's still warm-ish out!! I'm still getting used to the idea that I will soon have to wear socks every day:( I know retailers make basically all their money at Christmas time, but that's nuts!

  2. I may have ran to the microwave to check for this setting and of course didn't have it. Also, if you buy Avent Baby bottles they are measured in oz. HAHA in case you ever needed it!

  3. Costco starts putting their Christmas stuff out in September. You can go to Costco in your buy Christmas stuff! When we need chemicals for our pool we know to hit Costco in March. LOL Sheila

  4. Christmas stuff has been out for awhile. I don't mind too much - at least it's pretty. I try to charge my phone every other night and that works pretty well. For awhile it was dying really quickly and it was driving me crazy, but it fixed itself.


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