Monday, September 28, 2015

Trimming the Den

Big news- I finally finished the den!!

After months of procrastination I finally got around to installing the trim along the top of the built-ins and along the baseboards at the back of the room. I'm not sure what took me so long- I even bought the trim ages ago. It only took me two evenings to knock out- one to cut and attach all the trim to the top of the units (I used glue and taped the pieces to hold them in place) and then another night to caulk it all up and make it it look pretty. It ain't perfect, but it is done and I am proud of it!

Please pretend I don't have popcorn ceiling

I am simply loving all the storage in here- though I do plan to go in and purge a whole lot of stuff. But it is nice that the lower half of these built-ins have concealed storage so I can get away with being lazy on the whole purging thing awhile longer ;)

I also installed a grommet in the lower left of the middle bookcases so that the printer can be plugged in discretely to the outlet in the lower half of the unit. I just bought a white grommet off Amazon and then borrowed a hole saw from my dad. 10 minutes of labour and a couple of bucks and my wireless printer is sitting pretty!

You may also have noticed that I painted the den too!

Ya...okay it is hard to notice. haha. I painted it the same light greige of the rest of the condo. I really wanted to paint the room something fun, but the room is slightly too large for a quart of paint, but way too small to spend $40 on a gallon of I just cheaped out and painted it with paint I had on hand. Oh well. Looks way better painted than unpainted and I can always repaint one day!

Lastly, I recovered the chair in some fun geometric fabric that ties in well to the desk and filing cabinet. And I hung my degree and skydiving certificate up with some old wall art from the old condo. Nothing like shopping around the house for things to hang! The paintings and frames actually tie in really well with the mint and red theme that has evolved in here, so that's nice! Eventually I would like to put a big mirror on this wall as I now do my makeup in here, but I haven't found the one yet.

All in all, I really love this little room and I get a lot of use out of it! It is also my woodworking room (though there will be much less woodworking from now on) and my sewing room!

Eventually I plan to get a new light fixture in here as I broke the old one when building the shelves so there is only a bare bulb on the ceiling. I also think I may upgrade the chair down the line, but I have been in a very cheap mood lately and I already have a perfectly good chair, so we shall see on that. But basically this room is done for all the big stuff so it will just be tweaking from here on out!

Oh, fun fact and for everyone who keeps telling me how handy I am- this is how many wrong cuts I made trying to install that ceiling trim:

I think I am more stubborn than handy :)

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  1. Love it! It looks so good and nicely finished. I'm impressed with your handiness, even if you made so many cutting mistakes. ;)


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