Friday, August 14, 2015

Kitchen Updates!

A few weeks back I finally got around to replacing the knobs on the kitchen cupboards. The original ones had been there probably for over 10 years and they were very cheap, tiny and impossible to get a grip on, especially when your hands were wet! This of course, led to a lot of wear and tear on the handles themselves and the finish of the cupboard doors around them (not much I can do about that, but I promise it is less noticeable in person). I really hated these knobs and it was an easy choice to replace them with something more substantial.

I have been talking about this forever, but I actually did finally go and pick up all the new handles and knobs and get them installed! I need 13 pulls and 14 knobs- thankfully I actually liked the cheaper options! I got long pulls for any doors and little bar pulls for all the knobs. I recall them being cheaper in the store, but I have long lost the receipt.

For the smaller doors above the microwave and fridge, I debated knobs over pulls, but these little bar knobs wouldn't look right up there. Luckily the pulls actually centered themselves quite nicely on the doors so it all turned out alright and I like it!

In case you were wondering how I installed the handles, I just used the original hole from the old knobs and added a second hole on the doors for the long pull handle. To measure this, I just made a couple marker notches on a paint stir stick for the distance between the holes and used a level to keep them straight, then marked off where to drill on the door! I used painters tape on the fronts of the doors to protect the veneer. Also, once the drill bit started to pop out the other side, I would change and come at it from the back- I didn't really want veneer chips on the inside if I could avoid it. It was actually pretty easy!

Also, if you have eagle eyes, you may also have noticed I replaced the lights on the track lighting system with matching ones. Lowes had these on sale for $5 each a couple weeks ago, so I snatched them up. I don't love-love them, but they are a huge improvement over the old lights. I also installed 4 instead of the 2 I originally had, so I can redirect them to where I need light more. It is so bright in here now!

Lastly, I installed a broom holder on the bit of wall beside the fridge. I should have done this ages ago! Now all my brooms and mops are neat and tidy!

The kitchen is really coming along (and I am still loooooving it!). Next I just need a new oven and fridge! But I'll wait for boxing day sales for those :)


  1. Looks great and VERY professional!! Sheila

  2. I am impressed with your DIY skills! I would never think I could do any of it, and those cupboard handles make such a difference!

  3. Those handles and knobs look stellar!! Such an improvement :)


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