Thursday, August 20, 2015

Half Marathon Training: Week 7

Total Miles This Week: 27
Total Miles Overall: 140.25 Miles

Workouts Completed:
Tuesday: 4.75 Miles (4 miles slow- 9:52 avg pace, with faster intervals for last 0.75 miles- 9:20 avg pace)
Thursday: 6.25 Miles (1 mile slow- 9:47 avg pace, 4 miles fast- 9:10 avg pace, 1 mile slow- 10:42 avg pace)
Saturday: 5 Miles (10:31 avg pace)
Sunday: 11 Miles (5 miles stead- 10:20 avg pace, 3 miles fast- 9:50 avg pace, 3 miles steady- 10:35 avg pace)

This week brought some new twists to the game- a long run on Thursday and then adding in some speedwork to my Sunday long run! I guess things are revving up now that I am almost half way through my training plan. It is hot hot hot out right now too, which means a lot of water and a lot of early morning. In fact, Saturday night I didn't get to bed until around 1:00am and then I was up at 7:00 to run before it got too hot! Of course, then I spent most of Sunday afternoon napping/icing my legs. How the heck do people train for full marathons??

In other news, my runger (run hunger) is as strong as ever, and so I have gotten back to tracking calories to keep it under control. My weight seems pretty steady, but my scale had been dead for a couple months so I am not sure where I started at in June. I am trying to stick to around 2000 calories a day. It is crazy, but actually during the week I really wasn't eating as much as I thought I was- usually around 1500-1700 calories. My weekends were probably around 2000 too!

I have no idea if I am doing nutrition right, but I try and follow what my body feels like. I usually eat a protein bar before a long run so I can keep my energy up, and then I eat a meal after I get home. I am also going to start trying sports drinks for my sunday long-runs too. 2+ hours of running is a lot to run off of just a protein bar and water! But I am not feeling hungry on my runs either (and it is easier for me to run on an empty stomach), so I don't think I need to supplement with much more than that for now. We shall see how things progress!

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