Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Half Marathon Training: Week 6

Total Miles This Week: 24.75
Total Miles Overall: 113.25 Miles

Workouts Completed:
Tuesday: 4.75 Miles (4 miles slow- 9:37 avg pace, with faster intervals for last 0.75 miles- 9:20 avg pace)
Thursday: 5 Miles (1 mile slow- 9:55 avg pace, 3 miles fast- 9:14 avg pace, 1 mile slow- 10:28 avg pace)
Saturday: 5 Miles (10:27 avg pace)
Sunday: 10 Miles (10:05 avg pace)

I surpassed 100 Miles of training! Which is 160 km. Which is basically the distance of my condo in Toronto to Buffalo, NY (on the highway...not as the crow flies)! And actually I have run more than 100 miles so technically I could have detoured to Niagara-on-the-Lake for some wine too. #funwithmaps

I also completed my longest ever run of my life this week- going 10 miles on Sunday morning, while actually maintaining a fast-for-me pace. It was a beautiful morning and I really got into my groove around 5km in. I made it all the way out to the white bridge at the Humber River and back, which was a huge goal of my last summer! I live farther away from it now so it was tough!

I also had some adventures on my runs this week. On Tuesday it looked VERY stormy out, but I went out for my run anyway in the hope that the rain would hold off. It actually did and I made it home JUST as the clouds let down a waterfall. And it was my 3rd fastest run of that distance so clearly threatening clouds are a good motivator for me. I also saw a rainbow and I love rainbows so very much!! 

On Thursday I went out later than normal and got to watch the sun set on my way home- it was a gorgeous colour!

And also, on Saturday, part of Lakeshore, including my running path was closed in the morning for a Para Pan-Am games event so I got diverted to the actual road. It was kind of nifty getting to run on a major road like that with so few people out! And the road was just repaved last year (or the year before?) so it was comfy underfoot.

Overall, it was a great week of training- The weather was cooler, I got to see some interesting things, I kept up a great pace all week, and I set some new records for myself! My legs are still a little sore from Sunday, but I am just going to take it easy on my shorter runs this week. This Sunday I am going up to 11 miles and I will need my strength!!

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  1. Good job on your half marathon training! I am also training for the half in October, however not so diligently. Way to go :)


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