Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Trip to the Cottage!

Last Wednesday Cam, myself, my friend Ginny, and her boyfriend Liam (and their dogs Lightning and Cali) all drove 5 hours out to the country to relax at my stepbrother's cottage! We had originally planned to go camping this past week but that plan kind of fell through so I took my stepbrother up on his offer to let us use his cottage some time. We all got in after dark on Wednesday night and stayed until lunchtime on Sunday. It was an amazing four days!

We had great weather three of the days and a huge storm on Saturday. We swam, canoed, kayaked, played board games, read, layout on the raft, and had nightly bonfires (even on stormy saturday- the rains parted for a bit and we had wisely tarped over the pit and put the wood some place dry! Nothing get's in the way of my marshmallows!). I think I will just share a bunch of photos rather than try and explain the awesomeness of each day :)


Ginny & Cali

Cam & Lightning (BFFs)

Early morning kayak


Ginny & Liam

Of course, food at the cottage is always good and must be addressed! We cooked a big breakfast every morning- waffles, eggs & bacon, french toast roll ups, and pancakes. Usually lunch would be skipped as we were all snacking away. Thursday night we did build-your-own pizzas up in the cottage (followed by banana boats and marshmallows by the fire) and Friday and Saturday we cooked hot dogs and hamburgers over the fire for dinner. All so good!!! I also bought the super-jumbo marshmallows and they did not disappoint. I love marshmallows.

Generally the mosquitoes would come out as night came on, so marshmallow time was usually cut short and we would head in to play some board games. The general favourite was always Cards Against Humanity! Which is even more funny after many evening beers ;)

Oh, and on the way home from the cottage Cam and I stopped at Kawartha Dairy for some Moose Tracks and Wolf Paws ice cream. Please note that they are not kidding around with their cone sizes...

I brought my Cronions from Iceland!

Also, I really really wanted to see the stars and thankfully one night was clear so Cam and I headed out to the backyard with my camera and tripod. I thought I wasn't able to pick anything up with it, but thankfully a little post-processing at home brought it out! :) I simply love the stars and never get to see many living in Toronto. Cam knows all the constellations and we had fun looking at them while simultaneously feeding all the local mosquitoes.

All in all it was a perfect weekend and we had such a good time that I hope to repeat it next year. To be honest, I am evening looking into some run down cottages and/or plots of land for myself one day. I 100% am a cottage person.


  1. Hum - so if he's your step brother....does that make him my step-step nephew...so maybe WE can borrow the cottage too?! LOL Looks like a great time! xo Sheila

  2. I am now really hungry for each food item that you took a picture of... especially those waffles!


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