Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Half- Marathon Training: Week 2 Recap!

I think I should change the name of this blog to "Casey trains for a half marathon and blogs about nothing else". But it is so nice out I am never in the mood to take pictures or do anything indoors. Summer has arrived!! Finally!

Total Miles This Week: 18.3
Total Miles Overall: 31.3

Workouts Completed:
Tuesday: 3.5 Miles (slow 3 miles with intervals for last 0.5 miles)
Thursday: 4.8 Miles (slow 4 miles with intervals for last 0.8 miles)
Friday: 4 Miles (slow)
Sunday: 6 Miles (steady)

I totally skipped out on my upper body strength workout this week. No desire to be in the gym!! Cam and I also went on long walks on Saturday and Sunday. My legs are shot :).

It is crazy how fast the mileage has gone up in just 2 weeks. Already I have seen the end of runs under 3 Miles (5km) so I know that each time I go out will be at least 40 minutes of running, which is no small feat for me! Right now I am also dealing with losing a good chunk of my usual running route to the Pan-Am games. And an increase in temperatures. I will need to invest a lot of my moola in sunscreen. #palepeopleproblems

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