Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Half Marathon Training: Week 1

Last week I finished my first week of half marathon training. Let's see my stats:

Total Miles This Week: 13
Total Miles Overall: 13

Monday- 3 Miles (slow)
Wednesday- 3 Miles (slow)
Friday- 45 Minutes of Strength Training
Saturday- 3 Miles (slow)
Sunday- 5 Miles (slow)

I am supposed to be running really slow at first- roughly 12 minute miles. But that seems TOO slow to me, so I am running around 10 minute miles. As long as I am comfortable I don't mind going at my own speed!

Luckily last week was really nice weather. It looks like this may be a cool summer this year, which sucks for patio and beaches, but is good for running in! I will still need to get up early on weekends to get in my longer runs before the heat hits, but otherwise I can easily complete my shorter mid-week runs in the evening.

I am going to have to invest in a nice running water bottle as the summer goes on. I don't bring water on short runs (it just sloshes in my belly and doesn't feel good). But as it gets hotter and my runs get longer I will need to be more conscious of my dehydration.

I also tried out my condo pool for the first time on the weekend when my friend Steph and her husband and new baby came to visit. It is a great salt-water pool and is basically a lap pool (there is no shallow end- I can't touch the bottom anywhere!), which is nice because my old pool was really too short to get a work out in. So hopefully once and awhile I can get some swimming in- maybe after a hot run!

I also want to get my bike out again this summer, but it has a flat tire and my tire pump is MIA right now. But hopefully soon! Need to try and find some good of these cooler summer days!

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