Monday, July 13, 2015

Go Carting in the Den

I finally put together my new CB2 Go-Cart Desk this weekend and I LOVE IT.

The mint colour is absolutely perfect. It is soft and pretty, but doesn't overpower and steal all the attention in a tiny room like this (6.5' x 6.5'). It also fits in nicely with tons of room to get in and out of the chair, even with the built-ins behind it.

It was really easy to put together, even if it was a long process due to all the nuts and bolts. I love the wheels on it because I can easily move this baby all over the condo to wherever I need it- and the front two wheels lock so it is firmly in place where I need it too.

I also like that the filing cabinet stores so easily under it. I do eventually plan on painting this filing cabinet, as red is not my favourite colour and I'd rather the filing cabinet be more neutral. But that involves spray paint and I think I would have to take the whole thing to my dads or something because I don't see how I can spray paint this in the condo. For now, the red actually works well in this room with all the other red accents so who knows if I will ever get to it. I also need to get that piece of newspaper properly framed!

My next plan of action in here is to find a large mirror to hang on the wall over the desk. I want to move my makeup in here from the bathroom, because bathroom germs are gross. I also still need to paint in this room, and I am thinking I may just paint it the same pale greige that the rest of the condo is, but maybe stencil or something in here to give it a little something extra. Oh! and I want a new chair in here too! Lots of plans!


  1. Great ideas! Sheila

  2. Oooh I really love that desk! It's utilitarian but at the same time so cute!


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