Friday, July 10, 2015

Five Things Friday

TGIF! Or as I am calling today- Lockdown Friday as my whole neighbourhood is going to be basically shut down for the Pan-Am Games opening ceremonies. Ah the joys of living right next to the Skydome. I am kind of hoping I can hear the music or see possible fireworks from my balcony because I plan on staying in and avoiding the crazy.

Speaking of the Pan Am Games...let's start my five things Friday!

1. My friend Sarah was a torch bearer!

Her leg of the relay was in the middle the day on a Wednesday all the way up at Jane and Finch, so she didn't think anyone would come out to see her, but I skived out of work for a few hours and journeyed up there to surprise her! It was so much fun!! The games officially start today, but I haven't decided if I will buy tickets to any events. I think I will watch some events on TV though!

Oh also, Sarah let me hold the torch! Fun times :)

2. I bought a new desk!

Last week I had a long discussion about den plans with my dad and realized I didn't like the idea of a built in desk all along one wall because it would be too shallow to be anything more than a glorified shelf...which isn't what I need. So I did some soul searching (ha) and decided I would like a small desk. After some internetting, I settled on the Go-Kart desk by CB2 in mint!

CB2 is only a 10 minute walk from me so Cam and I just picked it up with my dolly last weekend. I haven't had the time yet to put it together, but hopefully will this weekend I will show you all next week! I like that it is light and visually airy, but still a fun colour! And the wheels mean I can roll it around if I need space in the den or need an extra table in the living room for entertaining.

3. I have plumbing issues.

I mentioned ages ago that I bought a new faucet for the bathroom, but I STILL have not installed it, because like everything in this condo, my bathroom plumbing is on the fritz. Basically I went to install it, but when I tried to shut off the hot water would not shut off! I guess the valve is broken. Then I couldn't' find the master shut off anywhere. Finally I asked the concierge and he said I needed a key and produced a long metal instrument- and it finally dawned on me what the weird extra pipe under my sink was for! It is the master shut off! You stick the weird key thing in this pipe!

Seriously though, who the heck came up with this?? So I think for now I will try turning off all the water to replace the faucet, and then down the line when I replace the entire vanity I might have a plumber come in to fix the valve. I haven't tried the key thing yet so we shall see.

4. I need to purge my clothing

I know this concept of a "capsule wardrobe" has been going all over the internet for a long time now, but I don't think I want to limit my wardrobe to just 30 or 40 items. What I DO want to do is actually be more ruthless in my bi-annual clothing cull and only keep the items I actually wear often. A lot of stuff is too big on me now so I might enlist a friend to help me decide when to tailor and when to toss.

Cam lives here now, but I have both closets AND the 6 drawer dresser full of my stuff. This is a sign I own too many clothes. Poor guy has to keep his stuff in the living room and that's not really fair.

Speaking of Cam...

5. He got a full-time permanent teaching position!!

Cam is a primary school music teacher (kindergarten- grade 8) and he has been on contract positions for the past couple years, but he finally got a full time gig! I am sooo proud of him and I know he has worked so hard to get here. In Ontario right now, getting a permanent teaching position is about as likely as getting a pet unicorn so this is amazing! We aren't sure yet what this will mean for our living situation, as his school is a long commute from my place, but we will figure it out.

So proud of you, babe!!

Happy Weekend everyone! Anyone have any plans? I have some runs to do, a desk to build, a wardrobe to cull, and a faucet to finagle, but otherwise I am hoping to see my family in Pickering...even though I did just go boating with them last weekend :)


  1. I wholeheartedly applaud your use of "Skydome" instead of Roger's Centre.

    And congrats, Cam!

  2. YAY CAM!!! That is awesome :)
    Agree on Skydome. It is still the Skydome to me.

  3. Congrats Cam!!! Yes - almost unheard of!!!! YAY!
    Congrats to both of you on living together! xo
    Don't "toss" your clothes!! Good Will, Good Will!!!!! Even just one of those clothing boxes!

    xo Sheila

    1. oh yes, toss doesnt mean throw out! Just me getting rid of through donating to other people/charity


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