Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Workout Wednesdays- Upper Body Workout Plan

I did not do very well with exercising around Vegas. I worked out a couple of mornings the week before and then basically took over a week off afterwards. I am very worried that I may have lost my exercise mojo.

PS- I learned I much prefer running in the mornings to lifting weights. The view is very much improved.

View in gym: Sad Casey

View on Run: Beautiful Sunrise

Anyway, I am going to need to keep running the mornings because half marathon training starts next week! OMG. I am following RunKeeper's sub 2:30 half marathon training plan, which is a 16 week program and it tells me how far and fast to run and on what days. I will be keeping you guys updated!

Due to my increased need for speed, I need to drop down my weightlifting routine to one day a week so I can fit more runs into my week. I decided to only focus on arms, chest, back, and core and let my legs and butt deal with just running. I already tested this new routine out once and even though I've been doing so many of these exercises for months now it was so hard and I was so sore the next day! Just goes to show it is good to switch it up now and again!

Here's to tank-top ready arms!!

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