Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Workout Wednesdays- The Early Morning Workout

After last week's post about how I simply could not get up early enough to work out before going to work, I decided to see how terrible it actually was. So I got up early on Monday and Wednesday and worked out from 5:30am-6:20am!

And it wasn't that terrible! On Monday I did my usual Monday weight routine, but on Wednesday I went for a run and I must say I prefer running in the morning to weight lifting. The crisp cool air woke me up and felt great. Definitely will need to keep trying to do this as the heat of summer comes on. However it is hard to go very far unless I get up even earlier...but I am uncomfortable with running in the dark so early morning runs might have to be shorter runs.

I will say working out in the morning has some great benefits- like how I ended up working super late on Monday and 100% would have skipped my workout if it had been in the evening.

Here were last week's workouts:
Monday- Morning Weights
Tuesday- Rest (and painting my bedroom!)
Wednesday- 6.5km Morning Run (and painting my bedroom some more!)
Thursday- Rest
Friday- Evening Weights
Saturday- Evening Weights
Sunday- Morning Weights

Sunday was supposed to be a long run, but it was really cold and rainy out and the gym had no free treadmills so I just got ahead on the next week's weights.

PS- how do people look so good in their gym selfies? I look crazy.

Here is my Wednesday Weights Workout Progress!

That darn deltoid raise is the only time I use 8lbs weights now. I am dying to increase to 10lbs, but my deltoids are apparently babies. Maybe next week!

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