Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Storytime in the Bedroom

Hey remember how over two months ago I painted a bunch of swatches of bluey-green paint on my wall and decided on a paint colour? Yes, well it is a distant memory to me as well...and yet I stared at those swatches for weeks while they taunted my laziness at buying paint. I finally went out and bought the paint and now I can finally cross "paint bedroom" of the very long condo to-do list!

I went with the colour Storytime by CIL (BTW- I am a really big fan of their Realife paints at Canadian Tire. A little bit pricy, but I did this whole room with just one gallon!). The colour is the perfect marriage of green and blue, but without being too jarring. In bright sunshine the room looks almost white, but in artificial light it is much deeper and cozier. Not to mention fresh paint just looks good all around after 6 months of dingy off-white paint! I took these photos on a rainy morning, so the colour is very saturated.

I actually painted the room in two evenings after work. Sometimes the need to be productive just grabs a hold of me and last Tuesday I painted half the room after I got home. Then Wednesday night I pushed all the furniture to the other side and painted the other half! There was a lot of cutting in with the big window, 3 doors, the bedside shelves, the recessed lighting in the soffit, and the soffit/closet area itself but I managed to get it done in about 5 hours total. Not too shabby! I must say my paint skills are improving too because there is much less paint on the ceiling this time.

You might also notice I hung my race medals up by the window! Cam kept saying I should hang them somewhere and I came across the old shadow box from the old front hall and I just repurposed it. The colour I had previously painted the back of the box is very similar to the wall colour, so it kind of is a neat look- like a display case.

I still have a few more projects for the bedroom:
- hang mirror over table
- hang full length mirror (I have no idea what my bottom half looks like most days)
- acquire/build bigger dresser (I am 99% sure on what I plan to do for more storage, but not in any rush)
- replace blinds with a sheer pull down blind and curtains (...one day)
- fix broken closet handle
- paint doors and trim
- build headboard

So, you know, basically everything else!

...but for now I am happy just to enjoy my new bluey-green walls!


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