Tuesday, June 23, 2015

New Balcony Chairs

Just in time for summer I finally have some chairs out on the patio!

I know what you are thinking
a) those are some very nice chairs

I am aware- but let me explain! A couple weeks ago Cam and I were discussing what chairs to get on the balcony and I decided to get the Applaro reclining chair and the Applaro "normal" chair from Ikea so that there would be one good relaxing chair out there, but a small secondary chair should we decided to eat dinner on the balcony.

The next day I was trolling around my neighbourhood's Craiglist and someone down the street was selling two Applaro reclining chairs in perfect condition for $75, which is only a few dollars more than the cost of one new one with taxes, plus we wouldn't have to drive out to Ikea, AND buying used furniture is good for the environment! So I walked my dolly over and picked them up.

I might end up reselling one of the chairs (I think I could get $40-$50 for it), and just buy the smaller chair from Ikea, but for now this totally works if we want to squeeze out on the balcony for dinner. 99% of the time the balcony will look like this:

And yes, now the door can open and close without issue! Plus there is plenty of room for the one chair to recline should Cam want a afternoon nap out there (he is off soon for the whole summer and I am majorly jelly). The balcony doesn't get much sun so it is very comfortable out there.

Now all I have left to do is source a small table, figure out how to make that plant stand straight again, and maybe add some decoration to the wall. Oh and maybe some pillows! I love me some outdoor fabric :)


  1. they make special holders to help plants stay upright, but some fabric tied around the plant and a stake should work, too. you could tighten the fabric every week to retrain the plant :)

  2. Turning the plant might help too! Looks like it's leaning in the direction of the sun!


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