Monday, June 29, 2015

I'm an INFP: What Are You?

There is nothing I like more than introspection and taking personality tests that confirm my unique snowflake status. My work is actually really into them too and I have done a few tests in my years there and then we discuss the qualities that we bring to the team and and why it works so well to have different types of people working together.

I was talking with my dad last week about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality test and I had to take it right away! It was very interesting! The basis of their theory, which dates back to 1942, is that there are four facets to a person's personality and the various combinations of these creates a distinct type of personality. The four types are:

Attitude: Introverted or Extroverted
Information: Intuitive or Sensing
Decision Making: Thinking or Feeling
Structure: Judging or Perceiving

The results of my test (taken for free on is that I am Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving. There were quite a few points in the description of me that were bang on, and some that I didn't feel described me at all. These tests should always be taken with a grain of salt! My friend Lisa did the test to and really connected with her results too and we had a great, surprising conversion over it- and this was someone I had known for 20 years.

So do I agree I am an INFP, after reading my results? Let's see my "strengths and weaknesses":

- Idealistic: I am very optimistic (true)
- Seek Value and Harmony: I don't care about power over others, but I take a democratic approach and make sure every voice is heard and I just want everyone to get along (true)
- Open Minded and Flexible: I don't like rules and I support others, as long as their goals don't conflict with my principles and ideas (I guess true?)
- Very Creative: INFPs can see things from unconventional perspectives and can connect abstract ideas (I was very creative as a kid...I am not so sure now?)
- Passionate and Energetic: When something captures my imagination, I go all in. I am a little shy to often take the podium, however (I think this is true)
- Dedicated and Hard Working: If I am doing something I think is meaningful, I don't give up when the going gets tough (I am not sure this is true. I can be quite lazy?)
- Too Idealistic: I can be naive about the world and idolize those that I love (true)
- Too Altruistic: I see myself as selfish and push too hard to overcome that (I don't think this is true)
- Impractical: When something captures my imagination I get swept up and forget everything things like paying bills and eating (hahahaha like I could ever forget to eat??)
- Dislike Dealing With Data: INFPs focus too much on the macro and dislike the micro. They don't like data that contradicts their beliefs (Untrue. I actually really like data)
- Take Things Personally: I don't take criticism well and I work to avoid conflict (true, but this is true of everyone, isn't it?)
- Difficult to Get to Know: I am private, reserved, and self-conscious. (This one is partially true, I am shy at first, but very open).

Some other points it gave me:
- I should work in a very creative field or be an author or poet (I agree, but the stress and unpredictability of those fields wasn't for me, so I blog on the side for my creative outlet)
- I am good at learning languages (100% not true)
- I have few friends, but the ones I have are friends for life (10000% true)
- I have an idealistic view on relationships, which makes it hard for a guy to "make the cut" (very true)
- I am not in a rush to commit with relationships (true)
- I like the IDEA of social contact, but not the REALITY (very true- I get very excited about social events and then super stressed as the date draws closer)
- I withdraw sometimes and then come out with a momentous decision without weighing the idea with friends and family first (kind of true)
- I don't like school (untrue, I liked school!)
- I don't do well in technical applications, but in jobs with human contact (untrue, that is actually what I do!)

Anyway, it can go on and on, but I found it really interesting! Some points were bang on and confirmed some theories I had about myself and why I was different than some of my friends. Even though these types of tests should be taken with a grain of salt, I found some of the theories on friendships, relationships, and careers with an INFP personality type to be very eye-opening and presented some of my traits in a way I hadn't thought of and helped me understand how to better express the way I tick to others in my life.

Please go ahead and try the test and then tell me what you got and if you agree!!

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  1. Love this, Casey! I totally have a thing with these personality tests too! I'm an INFJ, and it's pretty much bang on for almost everything. So crazy!


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