Monday, June 8, 2015

Condo Tour June 2015

Can you believe I have been in this condo for 6 months now?? How time flies when one is having fun! I thought today I would update my home tour because the one currently on this blog is from when my condo was a sad, dirty space. Let's begin!

Front Hall:

The front hall has been updated with CIL's Barley Beige and the walls have been filled with hooks for coats and my gallery wall of maps! A new bench gives a place to rest a purse or a bum when changing shoes!


In the den, which sits next to the front hall, I added a wall of built-ins, using Ikea's Billy and Besta bookshelves, some trim, and a whole lot of sweat. I still need to do the finishing touches with some trim, and pick a paint colour, and build in a desk, but the room is certainly coming along and I am loving all the storage!


I haven't done too much in here beyond a good deep clean and a new shower head. However, I recently got a new faucet and some new accessories so this place will probably get a mini-makeover in the next couple months. I eventually plan to replace the vanity with something larger and get a smaller mirror and a medicine cabinet.


The bedroom recently got painted in CIL's Storytime- finally! But otherwise in here I have a new bed, some bedside shelves, and a few little accessories. Next up is figuring out a headboard and getting a dresser with more storage.


In the kitchen I have gotten a new faucet, microwave, and dishwasher, which I still love! I have picked out new hardware, but still haven't trekked out to buy it, so there is one lone updated pull :). I also am going to buy a new oven and fridge with sales this Christmas season. Then I just need some new lighting and this room will be complete!

The Living Room:

The living room got painted in Barley Beige as well, and got all new furniture (since I had none), including a couch from Equilibrium Furnishings, a TV stand from Walmart, an ottoman from Home Sense, a table and chairs from Craigslist (Ikea), and a desk from Craigslist (Ikea). This room is mostly done expect for accessories and art. The far end of the room is Cam's zone, which is where all his music equipment hangs out. I recently got a quote on replacing the vertical blinds with some roller blinds, but with about 40 feet of windows in here, I am in no rush to replace!


Out here so far I have only installed the flooring...I really need to buy some outdoor furniture so Cam and I can enjoy it before winter shows up again! The chairs in this picture are not for outdoor use. (update...bought some chairs on Sunday and will snap some shots this week!)

So there you my run-down little condo looks not-so-run-down after 6 months of work. I only have the den and bathroom left to paint and soon I will be at the fun stage- getting to make little tweaks and raiding HomeSense for the perfect accessories. I have had no regrets with making this move, as I am loving all the extra space and it really feels like home now!


  1. Wow, 6 months went by quickly! Maybe it was all the progress you've made that made it go by so fast? haha


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