Thursday, May 7, 2015

Total Euphloria

I don't know if it is just the amazing arrival of spring in the past few weeks, but I am craving florals like no one's business. Seriously. I want to buy the world's supply of floral fabrics, papers, and decorative pieces and make my condo look like a florist's paradise. I don't think I am alone in this, because I have been seeing floral patterns everywhere!

Anywho, I am planning on building one of them upholstered headboards you see all over Pinterest these days and I am thinking floral fabric would be a fun direction to go! As you may recall, I am painting the room a soft greeny-blue (and why yes, the paint swatches have been on my wall since March. I am working on it...). I think this colour with a bright floral is fun to the max! There are very few floral headboards on Pinterest, but here is some inspiration:







Can we just take a moment and discuss the last photo here. Now, for months I have had this dream floral fabric in my head for this floral headboard idea. I searched high and low and could find similar, but not-quite-it fabrics. Then this week I finally found it- it is made by a company called Bluebellgray in the UK and retails for like $150/yard so I will never buy it. BUT ALSO- their bedding is sold at The Bay. Which is where I first saw it. 5 months ago. And prompty forgot. Isn't that funny?? I thought I had made up this magical floral fabric in my mind but in fact it was lodged in my memory from a trip to The Bay months ago.

Anyway, it is completely out of my budget so I am in the market for the perfect floral fabric for my headboard (unless I change my mind before making it, which is entirely possible, knowing me). I also really am into watercolours right now, so I tried to find floral fabrics with a watercolour look to them.

HGTV Color Study Berry

This is the same fabric, as the one above, but looks whiter?
Gazebo, Umber

Paint Palette, Punch
The first one is from HGTVs fabric line, which is only available at Joann's in the states. I am not sure what the true colours on it are because it looks different depending on where I find it. And I can't easily order a sample (lol shipping fees). PLUS it is 50% off at Joann's right I feel like I need to decide soon, or risk ordering from that other site, which has iffy reviews! But I do like all the white space and the floral design!

The 2nd one is actually quite popular in it's "cloud" colour...I see it a lot on Pinterest and in the blog world. But I feel the room will have a LOT of blue tones with the turquoise walls, so I think I would rather bring some warmer tones into it with the "umber" colour. Also, this fabric is available in Canada, which will save me some shipping fees! I need 3 yards, which ain't cheap so saving where I can is appreciated.

The third option is Paint Palette is also available up in Canada, and it seems to be everyone's current crush. I don't blame them because it sure is pretty...but I worry it doesn't have enough white space? Do you think it would be too bold as a 5'x3' headboard?? Here it is in a "larger" view. Do you think it would go with light turquoise walls? It is very warm-toned.

PS- if you want to see some more floral fabric, check out my Pretty Fabrics Pinterest board. It basically swallowed a ton of Miracle-Gro lately.

Also- In a very unusual bout of decisiveness, I actually ordered two new fabrics to make throw pillows out of in the living room (and yep, that is where I ripped off my post title from):

Euphloria In Coral
Serape in Dream
Aren't they pretty? And at roughly $12/yard quite affordable and quite unlikely I will get hit with the huge import fees that tend to come with orders over $100 from the US. Besides, it is my birthday next week so I totally deserve pretty fabric. Last update said they were in New York City, so hopefully they get to me soon!

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