Monday, May 25, 2015

Silly Hats Only Birthday Party

It was my Sweet 29 (that's a thing, right?) a couple weeks ago and I decided to throw myself a birthday party/housewarming party with some of my friends. A lot of them I have known since high school and back then we were really into the Rejected Cartoons (this was long before Youtube so I have no idea how we found them). In the spirit of those cartoons, I made the party a "Silly Hats Only" party, like one of the cartoons.

Except there was no beating people who had unsilly hats (though to be honest, there really weren't any unsilly hats anyway). There WAS a prize for best hat, though!

To liven things up, I turned my den into a photobooth. I debated decorating the wall that I was using as a backdrop, but I didn't want to take away from the hats and I ran out of time anyway. I basically just set my camera up on the built-ins opposite and had people use the remote! I ended up IN 95% of the photos because I was usually in there helping turn everything on and off.

Oh and I tried to make props for the photobooth, but they kind of sucked. However my friend Veronica found some and got me a set as a gift! I think the props and photobooth are going to be a staple around here for years to come. I did have to do a bit of light editing on them though, because the den has terrible lighting!

I thought I would share some of the fun photos that came out of my camera (there were over 300!!) sure was a fun night!!

PS- the pinata hat won for best was mesmerizing.

There were many other shenanigans taking place in the livingroom and kitchen (my island was definitely a gathering place). I also invented a drink that I dubbed "Silly Juice", which ended up being the cause of most shenanigans since it was delicious and very alcoholic.

Silly Juice:
Equal Parts: Blue curacao, melon liquor, and mango passionfruit liquor (or anything fruity)
Pineapple Juice

I didn't really measure anything since I made a HUGE jug of it, but that was the gist of the ingredients! It comes out super bright green too. I didn't really take a photo of it, but that is it on the left in this photo (that jug was at least half full when the party started!)

I am not sure how I am going to top "Silly Hats" for the big 3-0 next year, but I will think of something!


  1. Looks like FUN!!! Happy Birthday!! xo Sheila

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