Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Lifting the Bed Up!

When I bought my new bed last fall, I opted not to buy a metal frame. The main reason was because I didn't know if I was going to buy a fancy one from a furniture store. The secondary reason is I knew metal bed frames could be picked up for cheap on Craigslist or Kijiji. So I just got the mattress and box spring and for the past 6 months it has been sitting on the floor!

I finally decided to just build a upholstered headboard and use a cheap metal frame rather than buy an expensive wooden frame, so I kept my eyes peeled on the internet for anyone in the neighbourhood trying to sell one. My only condition was that I didn't want wheels, because they scratched up the floors in my old condo. Finally I found a frame for sale a couple blocks away for $30 so I convinced my friend Veronica to help me carry it home a couple weeks ago!

The bed feels sooo tall now, like I need a ladder to climb in! Honestly, I love tall beds so I am not minding. Cam thinks the bed side shelves are too low now, but I am not sure of what to do with them once I build the headboard, so I am just leaving them for now. So far I haven't bonked my head!

You might have also noticed my bedding has changed! My duvet is down at the dry-cleaners getting a much needed deep clean. But it all works out because my condo doesn't have air conditioning on yet and it is about a billion degrees in here so the light sheet and crocheted blanket is wonderful. PS- my grandmother crocheted this blanket for me years ago. I think maybe it was intended to be a wedding gift? She is in a home now and my Dad found it in her apartment. I just LOVE it. So pretty. I'll need to figure out how to clean it!

The purple pillow is also new, and is from Nadia Llyod's 2015 cushion collection. Stay tuned for some fun news on that front!! I think long term it will live in the living room, which gets more use than the bedroom, but we shall see!


  1. Looking good! Sheila

  2. It looks good, Casey! Love that blanket on the bed, the perfect summer sheet.


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