Monday, May 18, 2015

Casey Gets Fit(ter): Week 12

WeightL 142.6!!!

I finally saw 142 on the scale!!! And you know what is weird? I totally eff'd my diet this whole past week because it was my birthday and cake was calling me. I still kept up my workouts, but otherwise just kind of ate what I wanted. I am thinking the calorie restriction of the past few weeks was too hard on the old body and it was holding onto fat in fear.

I am not an expert when it comes to weight loss. The convention is calories in vs calories out, but my body only sometimes seems to follow that rule. So I am going to try a few weeks of maintenance-level eating and see how my body responds. I was 100% convinced to try Whole30 for the next month and eat as much as I wanted but cut out grains, dairy, and sugar (I have an addiction to sugar). However I remembered I am going to Vegas in mid-June so it is bad timing for that. Perhaps in the fall!

And then once I am back from Vegas...I am training for a half marathon!!!!!

My run is in October and I am starting training in late June (I am going to follow a training plan on my RunKeeper app). I am definitely going to need to start eating more balanced foods in order to have energy for all the training runs and not overeat (I hear a lot of people gain weight when running long distances because of the calorie drain and wanting to eat all the things).

In other fun workout news...I got new running shoes! The same as my old model (Asics GT-2000), but fun black this time. I was trying to choose between these ones and the white/rainbow ones they have too, but chose the black- and then my Mom showed up the SportingLife 10K last week wearing the white ones! Out of all the shoes, we end up buying the exact same model. Too funny. I also bought myself some new hot pink workout capris (with pockets!) and a new workout tank (with a pocket!). I love having a pocket for my phone when I'm lifting weights in the gym, but finding workout clothes with them is hard. Winners came through for me this past week though! Also, exercise shirts with pockets tend to be with cycling clothes...if any of you are looking!

I don't know what to do with my face in selfies

Oh, and this week I bought a new pencil skirt and it was a size EIGHT. SINGLE DIGITS, Y'ALL!!

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