Monday, May 11, 2015

Casey Gets Fit(ter): Week 11 (SportingLife 10K Recap!)

So I ran the SportingLife 10K on Sunday and I pr'd for pace, but not for overall time. I guess I was weaving through the throng so much I added 0.3km to my run and my overall time was basically the exact same as last year (55:15 vs 55:13) BUT my actual pace was faster (5:23 mins per km vs 5:28 mins per km). So I am super excited! Fastest pace ever for me, I think!

Anyway, let's rewind back to Saturday so I can really set the stage for the day! Saturday night I made delicious homemade pizza and Cam and I watched the hockey game and at 10pm I said goodnight to him and crawled into bed all ready for reading a little The Girl On The Train and then a good nights sleep. I go to bed at 10pm most nights and usually I'm out by 10:30 with no issue. But Saturday night I just lay there. I was WIDE AWAKE. I think at first I was excited for the run which elevated by heart rate, and then around 11:30pm I started to get stressed about still being up and THAT was keeping my heart rate up. It was seriously one of the longest and worst nights of my life. I was so frustrated by my lack of sleep I wanted to cry.

I definitely saw 3:08am on the clock and then the next thing I knew I woke up at 4:45am and thankfully managed to fall back asleep and my alarm went off at 5:45am. So I think I got 2- 2.5 hours sleep! and I had to run a 10K!! I downed some green tea and a peanut butter Clif bar and hoped for the best. I was really excited about the race so that helped keep me in good spirits.

At 6:20 my mom and stepdad came and they parked in my 2nd spot and Cam drove all of us to the shuttle bus at Ontario Place. We hopped on a bus and then rode up to the starting line!

We got to the start around 7:20am and had an hour or so to kill as our corral started at 8:20am. Basically took our time with a bathroom break and then got in our corral and did some stretching and took some selfies. It felt less busy this year vs last, and I am not sure why? But still, 27,000 people were apparently there!

At 8:20 we were off! I don't really have much to say about the race itself except it was good and then HARD. It started to get HOT halfway through and I was really glad most of the race was in the shade of buildings downtown. I felt really good up until the last three kilometres when I was starting to really tire and sweat, but I managed to run the whole 10K without stopping for any walking breaks! At around km 6 my friend Sarah was waiting for me and that kept me motivated for the first half of the race! After that it was just thoughts of brunch and a nap.

It was seriously tough. I saw a girl throw up around 8km. My stepdad saw a woman passed out just 30 yards from the finish. The humidity was killer.

But I made it through to the end! And I met back up with mom and Lee and we got our medals and then walked back to my condo, where we showered and then went out for a brunch that was celebrating our run, Mother's Day, Lee's 65th birthday and my 29th birthday!!

And then I took a 3 hour nap.

Overall I am super happy with my race. I pulled out a pace PR, despite the heat and only 2 hours sleep! Plus I ran the entire length of the course! All good training for my half-marathon in October...because ya...Crazy Casey signed up for one of those this week!!!


  1. Wooo, good job!!! I am super impressed with your pacing, I don't think I have ever run a km in less than 5:30. You're a speed demon! And yeah, Sunday was SUPER humid and gross. I would not have wanted to run in that. Seriously way to go running the entire thing. I'm already excited to read your half recap.

  2. Way to Go Casey! Super result!
    It was SO humid on Sunday- my hair got soaking wet from sweat and that never happens (also, Ewww!). I too saw a couple of people getting assistance from EMS - I think more people should have been carrying water - not relying on the two water stations which wasn't enough if you're not used to running that distance.

    1. Ughhhh... I totally posted a comment a couple of days ago... it's too bad I don't know how to work the internet. I was saying congrats - that I saw Michelle downtown and she described the run as "HOT". I was hot just walking down the street, I can't even imagine running.

      And yayyy for half marathon! That's so exciting!


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