Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Linear Track Lighting Options

I have a very unsightly problem in my kitchen (well...many unsightly problems- who's turn is it to do the dishes?). It is my lighting! The condo came with linear track lighting over the kitchen area, which is equipped with two mismatched lights, one of which gives off a purple glow in the evenings.

Thus far, I think I had managed to crop it out of every photo, but there it is in all it's cheap and ugly glory!!

I don't really want to take down the track lighting and repair the popcorn ceiling, because it seems like a job that could really spiral into a whole mess of things with cement ceilings, discoloured paint, and obvious popcorn ceiling repair and it the end I would probably just put up different track lighting. I have nothing against track lighting in a condo as it allows for the positioning of light where I need it. So I think I am just going to switch out the lights for something nicer! That is the best part of this kind of can just replace the lights.

There are three options I am debating between from Home Depot (which seems to have the best selection):

Hampton Bay 1 Light

I like this one because it is simple and cheap at $18 a pop. Cam thinks I should go for 4 lights (2 on each side) and these will fit nicely and not destroy the bank. I am not concerned with going with a metal finish, because the track blends in with the ceiling anyway, and the one metal light I have now looks perfectly fine. All the white coloured options looked really cheap to me too.

Lithonia Cylinder Light

This one is more modern and I like the clean white shade. Of course, it is the most expensive at $29 per light!

Hampton Bay Brushed Metal Shade
This one is more traditional, and more middle-of-the-road price wise at $24 each. I like the curves.

I'm thinking of going with the expensive one (SIGH), as I think it will go best with my space. What do you guys think?

I should really take a photo with less fingerprints :)


  1. I prefer the expensive one too. I think the others are too industrial for your decor.

  2. I'm probably a little biased, but my parents have lights similar to the first one in their dining room, the front room/office, and if I remember correctly, the sunroom. Theirs are white, and they pretty much blend into the ceiling while putting out a nice amount of light. Not sure if they're available in Canada, but I see a white version of the first light you mentioned on Home Depot's US site. I think they're called "120-Volt White Pinhole Cylinder Linear Track Lighting Head" rather than having the same style name as the brushed ones you posted.

    I do like the more expensive white ones, too, though. I think in the long run, the extra $40 (if you get four) would be worth it if you decide to go that route. Also, I know you mentioned that the light in the den broke, so maybe non-offensive track lighting would be a good option in there? You could point one or two of them at the bookshelves, and one at the work surface.

    1. I didnt like the white option in person, but it does exist! Good idea on the track lighting in the den, but it is a TINY room so I think a fancier single bulb light fixture would work in there.

  3. I definitely like the second option too. But, considering the price, I think option #1 could work too if you can find it in the white. I'm not sold on a stainless steel look - like #3 - unless you're planning on switching out your appliances for stainless steel. If that's the plan, my favourite is #3.

    1. I AM doing stainless steel appliances. Already did the microwave and dishwasher

  4. I love the shape of the third one! However, I kinda like the second one too. Are you able to change either the shade or perhaps do a little paint job? Also have you checked IKEA?

    1. I dont think Ikea would be compatible...Ive heard they have their own bulbs and stuff


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