Monday, April 27, 2015

Casey Gets Fit(ter): Week 9

Weight: 143 lbs (down 0.8lbs from last week)

I am sooo excited to see 142 on the scale hopefully this week! I haven't seen 142 on the scale for as far back as I can remember!

This past week I was really good with my eating and workouts so I am pleased as punch with my almost-pound loss. I did my 3 weight-workouts (I havent missed a workout in about 2 month now!) and I did a 5km run and 10km run.

Speaking of 10km Sportinglife 10K is coming up in just TWO weeks. How on earth did that happen so fast?? I haven't really been working on speed at all, and just getting in a couple runs here and there, so while I 100% can complete the 10K, I have no idea what my time will be. I definitely feel like I have been running slower than normal lately, but races tend to pick me up. The first year I ran it in 1 hour, the second year in 55 minutes, so MAYBE I can aim for sub-55? But as I have said, I haven't worked on speed at all. I guess I will just go out and enjoy myself!

Funny thing I thought of the other day...when I first ran this race I was around 165lbs.


Last year I ran the race at 157lbs


This year I will be running the race at around 142-143lbs! It sure will be nice to lug less Casey down the street with me! So while I talk the talk about getting faster through training, it could all just be that I am slowly getting more aerodynamic :)


  1. You are doing GREAT! Good for you! xo Sheila

  2. You looked great running it at 157! Can't wait for this year's pic.

    1. I feel like I look the same as that 157 pic, so I am interested myself!!


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