Monday, April 20, 2015

Casey Gets Fit(ter): Week 8

Weight: 143.8 (Down 0.8lbs from last week!)

Let's talk about cheat days this week, because I had a doozy of one this weekend. All week I was eating right and hitting my workouts. Friday I even worked late and came home and did a big workout before dinner (which ended up being at 9:30pm because of that!! and I usually eat by 6pm!).

On Saturday I was feeling pretty lazy. Cam and I went for a long walk, but I did get into some cookies and watched the entire first season of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt while doing laundry. Then my friend called and asked if I wanted to go out for a beer and some food and I realized I didn't have enough calories left in my day so I hopped outside for a 8.5km run before meeting them! I felt pretty proud of that choice, but I think I still was a bit over for the day after a couple beers and a sausage. My above weight was from Sunday morning.

Then Sunday came and I was in Ajax visiting friends all day and I ended up going out for lunch AND dinner, which is dangerous because even salads are 700 calories at restaurants! Plus I seriously got into the candy at my friend's house. Like...really bad. So Sunday was a horrible day, eating wise.

But you know what? Some days you just break your diet. Life goes on. You won't gain all your weight back from ONE bad day. A pound is basically equivalent to 3500 calories, and I probably need 1800 calories a day just to maintain my I would need to eat 5300 calories to set myself back a pound. Trust me, I did not hit that!! :)

All you can do after a bad food decision is to just start fresh at your next meal or the next day. In the scheme of things, it just a blip on the journey to better health! Salads are on the menu for Monday!

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