Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Balcony Floor: Done!

Saturday dawned bright and sunny (though, pretty windy!) and I decided to get the balcony floor done after completing my workout for the day. As you may recall, I got the composite tiles from Costco and the brand is Neo (these ones in grey- though they were cheaper in store). They look like wood- but aren't, which is great for longevity against the elements while still looking stylish!

It took about 3.5 hours from start to finish but I am LOVING IT!

The first step was prepping the concrete floor, which basically means just sweeping because this is a floating tile and they fit together with a plastic underlay that interlocks. It was SO dirty out here. I threw out the old mat and found an inch of crud under it. And I think there is a urine stain on the cement wall? Grossness.

The install actually went really smoothly. I only screwed up one cut! I ended up only using 3 full boxes and 2 tiles out of a 4th box, so I plan to keep the partially used box for any repairs down the line and then try and return the 5th extra box I had...and at $30 a box, that means this update only costs $120, but I think it looks like a million bucks!

It a few hours to install because I did have to make a few cuts along the railing side, around the railing supports, shorten the tiles by the door, and remove the plastic connectors on the window side so it would sit flush with the wall. The last part probably took the longest because it involved unscrewing the tiles so they wouldn't get damaged by the saw. Though, looking back I think I could have just snipped the plastic off with some wire cutters. Live and learn!

My cuts are not 100% perfect, but I am sooo proud of this project and I can start to see the vision out here! My dad came up with a good plan for the cement wall, and I am really excited to get furniture and plants out here! The chairs and plant are just placeholders for now :)

This balcony may be small, but I plan on making it the most welcoming little spot in the city!

Oh- and for the record I made all the cuts in my den because I figured it was already dirty from working on the built-ins and it was a little messy. Thank God for safety goggles and vacuums!


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